The Legends of Tandar

The Legends of Tandar

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This piece was obtained from customer in South America, as part of trade that gave him the power to control the flow of the Amazon river. It is said to be a sacred item from the under ground continent of Pellucidar. Pellucidar is a continent in a realm parallel to the one the Earth currently exists in-- a realm whose inhabitants are still primitive, but possess a particular magic that is widely sought after in our own.

On the continent of Pellucidar there is a large island in a body of water known as the Korsar Az. The name of the island is Tandar, and is vastly unscalable due to jutting, sky-high, cliff tops. In fact the only way onto the island is to pass through a waterfall on the southernmost side of the island. Once through the waterfall, there is a cave. Inside the cave there is a narrow shaft that dons a wooden ladder, made from the finest cedar. If you’re feeling froggy, you could climb to the top… the shaft goes on and on in pitch blackness for approximately a half mile.

At the other end of the shaft, there isn’t much of a solace as it opens up to a vast jungle, sporting other dimensional creatures such as beast with multiple heads and venomous fangs, animals with large talons and many tails, and an additional vas assortment of other-worldly creatures. If you could survive the brutal nature of these beasts, you would most likely be lost in the elaborate maze of passageway cleared into the jungle by it’s inhabitants. Oh yes, there are inhabitants-- two groups in fact. One group, the Tandars, dwell in side of a sandstone mountain in series of decorated, architecturally astute caves. The other group, the Manats, also live in caves, but less is known about them, as there aren’t many records kept because they are typically on the losing side of things.

As the legend goes Amatiat, Tandarian God, ruled over the Tandars. When it was time for his eldest son, Azicon, to take over the thrown, another of his sons Tamricon became green with envy. He gained a cult following of Tandars, about half of the population, calling his followers Manats, a Tandarian term meaning, “Rightfully ours.” He assembled the Grand Manatian Army in an attempt to attack and overthrow his brother, and Tandarian heir-to-the-throne, Azicon. When Amatiat caught wind of what was going on, he blessed the Tandarian Defense Force with the ability to shape shift into the Tarag, a giant saber-tooth tiger like animal from the realm of the continent of Pellucidar. When the Grand Manatian Army showed up, they were overcome with surprise as there was no one to defend the Tandarian Palace… then, out of the jungle came the army of Tarag. The Manats were overcome with confusion, and a vast majority of their army was destroyed. Enraged by that he had been tricked, Tamricon summoned the power of the underworld and gave his own army the ability to shape shift-- into Taho, or a slender, agile cave lion with wings and the advantage of aerial warfare. He has launched several attacks, but was never again able to muster enough support to overthrow the Tandarians.

However, all that has come to pass has sprung the island into a massive state of civil war that has been going on for ions. The armies still rely on the ability to shape shift as their primary means of warfare. To be 100%, completely honest with you, I have no clue how this client has come into contact with the blessed, sacred piece, nor do I really care to find out. I can tell you that after running several tests on the piece, it is inhabited by great power. It will give you the power to travel into the dimension of Pellucidar. It will give you the power to shape shift Tarag or Taho. It will heighten your spiritual awareness and provide your physical being with sixth, directional sense, as a means of helping you navigate the island of Tandar. Just be sure to take shape before you enter the island, as there are many predators awaiting you.

An update on this item and a few more we are placing is that the man that gets them is able to go to many legendary lands. These lands exist in multipke dimensions. This piece I believe is an antique but coming from this place who can say what antique is to them. Along with the above said abilities this one is almost like another one I have called the conjured fork. I do not have it up for sale and it is very large and only two exist today. I got mine out in California. This piece will also raise the dead through lightening or conjure them. This is a one of a kind.