King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines

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Deep within the heart of Africa is a magical land name Kukuanaland. Expeditions to the place have told stories of the grandeur of the area-- natural and manmade majesty. The largest claim to fame the area holds, however, is King Solomon’s mines. Carved into the side of the mine, is a large avenue. The avenue leads into the heart of a high mountain and branches off into several separate galleries, leading to the capital city of Loo, Mt. Suliman, and Three Witches Mountain. The avenue is cared for by the king of Kukuanaland and preserved free of sand or other blemishes, holding it in awe.

At the peak of the mountain lies a large cavity nearly fifty meters deep. These are the diamond mines of King Solomon and lie open to the African skies. At the side of the cavity farthest from the opening of the cavity are three very large stone figures-- a severely beautiful woman, a terrifying devil, and a serene man.

They are said to hold the capability of providing great powers for mortal beings.

Deep with the cavern, however, is our place of interest.-- A place that goes by the name of the Chamber of King Solomon’s Treasure. It is said that the tomb can only be opened by a mysterious device. We are currently in possession of that mysterious device. We have obtained it from a source from middle Africa that was indebted to us for a favor rendered years ago. He is an tribal spiritualist for a middle African Native tribe. He said the piece has been passed down from generation to generation, fabled to be the sacred key capable of opening the Chamber of King Solomon’s Treasure. As an added benefit he has visit the site himself and invoked, from the three shrines, the astral powers from all three gods represented in King Solomon’s Mines. The shrine resembling a devil represent all things magic. The serene man represent protection. Finally, the beautiful lady represents good fortune and luck. This exactly what you will encounter with this piece.

The person who holds this piece, will be give the powers previously described. You will be given the power to perform spiritual spells and rituals. You will be given the power of spiritual protection, guidance, and purification. Lastly you will be given the power of beauty and enchantment. You will be granted good fortune and prosperous returns. Lastly, you will hold the all-exclusive power of entering the Chamber of King Solomon’s Treasure, obtaining riches beyond anything you’ve ever known-- that is if you can master the elaborate labyrinths and make it out safely.