The Sisterhood of Ancient Egyptian Energy

The Sisterhood of Ancient Egyptian Energy

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Ancient Egyptian studies suggest that shape and design have everything to do with a person’s well-being. A kind of incarnate architecture, if you will. This practice has discovered by professionals, from ancient Egyptian energy, as a new science called BioGeometry. Professionals suggest that shapes, colors, sounds, and movements in an individual’s environment can be manipulated to create specific energies. It is a science that suggests that symmetry affects a person’s health.

We wanted to unveil the mystery behind the science of BioGeometry, so Shine took a trip to Cairo to attend a paramedical convention dealing with the issue at hand. The professionals told and even demonstrated how BioGeometry worked. They taught Shine that it was a design language and it identifies ways in which nature creates and works with energy for the benefit of all living beings.

We wanted more answers so Shine assigned some of his team members to espionage and here is what we found out. There is actually a secret sisterhood, The Sorority of Ancient Egyptian Energy. They channel their power from the Pyramids of Saqqara. The sisters then pass it on to their male counterparts as a means of protecting their secrets. What is so special about the Pyramids of Saqqara? The were crafted by the grand Egyptian architect Imhotep, at the request of Djoser, King of the Third Egyptian Dynasty. Imhotep was also the High Priest of Ra the Sun God and was given the special power to architecturally design and balance the Pyramids at the Necropolis of Saqqara. The pyramids are a testament of Ra’s grandeur. (It is interesting to note that Ra is translated to creativity).

Even in death High Priest Imhotep has not stopped building; however now Imhotep is on a different astral plane, calling on the Sisterhood to help shape Earth and it’s inhabitants to make it perfect for his mighty lord, Ra the God of the Sun. The Sisterhood calls upon the power of the Sacred Pyramids and Imhotep the High Priest and grand architect. They use this magic to help cure illness, prevent disease, and biologically alter living and non-living aspects of this world for the betterment of humankind.

After we found out where the power was coming from, Shine decided he wanted the knowledge and power too. So, as soon as he got the all clear he snuck into the Pyramids, summoned the spirit of Imhotep and captured his magic in the piece listed above. The possessor of this piece will have the ability to control all facets of nature. You will be able to influence weather, climate, existence, and nonexistence. You will have the power of Earth, wind, fire, and water. Most importantly you will possess the knowledge and wisdom of Imhotep, who was blessed with abilities from Ra the Sun God. With being said, the possessor will behold the power to summon all ancient Egyptian spirits and walk in the land of the dead with the great rulers of the past.

This piece looks as it does because it balances all,good and bad.The grand architect is so much more then a once living entity,this is a secret that will blow your mind!