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Nothing gay about it, but I love this rainbow piece!

This gorgeous rainbow moonstone pendant grants powers beyond belief! If you give your lover this moonstone necklace when the moon is full you will always have passion with each other. Moonstone is a phenomenal gem that gains its powers from the Earth --- when mined and brought to the surface it will bring you mystical powers; which are why it is so sought after.

Moonstone is a highly valued gemstone for these reasons:

* Brings good fortune

* Assists in foretelling the future

* Enhances intuition

* Promotes inspiration

* Brings success in love as well as business matters

* Offers protection on land and at sea

The moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana. The most powerful time to use the moonstone is in a full moon.

It has been worn as an amulet to bring good emotions to the wearer, while protecting those of a sensitive nature. It can reunite lovers who have quarreled. Moonstone is also considered a good luck stone.

Moonstone is a very personal stone. It is a reflection of the person who owns it. It does not add or detract, only shows how it is. This is why the moonstone is said to perceive that which "is".

Moonstone is an excellent stone to use in meditation to understand oneself. Placing it in the moonlight of a moon reaching its fullness, not a full or waning moon, can revitalize it. This is a particularly good gemstone for women. It is a good stone for young women or teenagers.

Moonstone is also used by healers to stimulate the functioning of the pineal gland and balance internal hormone cycles with nature's rhythms. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. Though often considered to be a woman's stone, it can be beneficial to men in opening the emotional self.

We tested this piece thoroughly... and can tell that this stone had been deep within the Earth's crust because it has exuberant powers and will bring you all the good fortune, intuition and success that Moonstone is known to carry. The stone does reflect the person wearing it and it will showcase what is important in your life.

For me it brought delight! I desired more passion and sensuality; let me tell you after having this piece in my possession for a few days I gained amazing sexual gratification. Once it brings success to you in the area you desire it will remain for a long time; you may have to "recharge" by wearing the piece again.

This piece weighs heavy on your heart and brings to life what you most long for. So the powers are brought forth based upon the truest desires from within. The expectations are pretty much endless with this piece and I really didn't want to part with this piece, but I can't afford it!

If you are able to buy any piece, let this be the one! It will bring you enrichment for years to come ~

* This pendant comes on an Italian rope chain and that is sterling silver as well. On top of the Rainbow Moonstone is also a blue Topaz. This piece is a very well made and would be extremely expensive in some shop.

Having told you about the stone I know what to tell you what is also attached to it. WOW,this is just so stunning! The power is felt the beauty is seen and it hurts my eyes.

This is forged so that it can be used as a pendulum. We also tested that too and shocking were the revelations! I think Dee Dee wants to keep this one. She keeps playing with it but she likes little chains and feels it might break a dainty one.

This piece also holds all the Sibyls,all ten and they are gifting you the gifts of prophesy which is another reason Dee Dee likes them. These sibyls guarded the temple of Apolo and could also access the underworld to know what was to come and then place change upon it all. You will get so much use out of this. When you use it as a pendulum you directly access the sibyls.