A Mile High Conspiracy

A Mile High Conspiracy

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Let’s take a look at Denver, Colorado. This city of about 600,000 residents seems nice enough-- even has a beautiful skyline; however, the Queen City of the Plains hosts and hides a dark secret… a secret that is as dark and shady as the folks who share it.

Many people have heard of the New World Order, but up until now it has all been word of mouth and speculation. These speculations tell a tale of one, united, totalitarian world government. They are a group of elitists that includes world bankers, politicians, and individuals of extreme wealth and influence. They are accused of manipulating governments, influencing coups d’etat, controlling inflation and causing depressions at their own free will, and assassinating anybody posing as a conflict of interest.

What does all this have to do with Denver? Denver is the New World Order’s international headquarters. Underneath the Denver International Airport, which is conveniently located; vastly oversized; and hosts a slew of bizarre artistry, writings, Masonic images, there is a city built and devoted to this fraternity that controls and threatens our way of life. Or is there?? Fact: The New World Order DOES exist. Fact: There base IS under the Mile High City. Fact: WE HAVE PROOF!

We have acquired this item, which is one of the many that exist. It is one of the pieces that is bestowed upon all members of the New World Order upon initiation. Each member of the New World Order is to have one in their possession at all times. This piece will expend, to the individual in it’s possession, the ability to bi-locate themselves to the desired place and time of the New World Order’s Commander-in-Chief. It will also perform the convenience of assasination by mind. We’ve done several investigations into this piece and its power. We speculate that the power has derived from somewhere in the Middle East, but the power this piece possesses is so elusive that all we CAN do is speculate. We haven’t been able to figure it out completely; but, it allows it’s possessor to bi-locate both physically and chronologically-- that is, be in two places at one time, one being physical, the other astral. In fact, we’ve secretly attended training meetings, conducted by then Vice-Chancellor of the New World Order, Benito Mussolini. We can neither confirm or deny speculation, but current members of the fraternity may include George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Al Gore, and, yes… even Barack Obama.

At any rate, you could be the next person to possess the mystifying ability. Do not underestimate the power that it exhibits! Now comes the question of what do with the power you are soon to behold… Will you use it to your own advantage and for your own personal agenda? Will you use it to be more resourceful and accomplish more? There is always the final ultimatum-- that is, use this power to unveil this powerful secret and uncover these scoundrels for who they really are. This piece looks like the world domination piece and is a bit similar.