The Intoxicant/STAR33
The Intoxicant/STAR33

The Intoxicant/STAR33

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The Intoxicant


This is a very powerful fragrance that feeds off of your natural pheromones and energy. A little goes a long way with this fragrance as the smallest amount is more than enough to grant you what you seek. We used to have 200 of these, which we had sold offline via private sales—only two remain. When we had so many in stock, the items sold rather quickly and each and every report we had on the fragrances had been positive.


The fragrance has been so effective that we have had many ask for replacements but we only had two—it didn’t seem fair. Due to this, we have decided to put the last two that we have in-stock on the site so that whomever may choose to get them, they will receive them in all fairness.


The fragrance originates from Greece and is made by a woman whose family has made natural fragrances for generations—several of her ancestors having specialized in making many queens of Greece custom fragrances, which were often designed and enchanted to prolong and bring good fortune to their reign.


This fragrance will bring you love and riches over time and use.

If I were to buy any type of perfume and I wanted a magicl one, this would be it. We can also have her add to these if you like and would only take one extra day. So if there is something else your seeking let us know in the notes.