Ancient Mystery Cults of Love/STAR33

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Ancient Mystery Cults of Love


Plato belonged to a cult within which he worked with many gods and goddesses. He also worked with demons but had an ancient magic given to him by God to neutralize them. Among the neutralized were many demons with many different powers. One of the most common forms of magic that Plato would cross was the ability to apply a certain glamor over their appearance, which would allow the demons to appear to humans as extraordinarily beautiful beings.


The demons would lure humans in with their appearance and then use them for various purposes—it was heavily dependent on the demon.


Another particularly common demon was one that used emotions to lure humans in. The demon would play on the emotions that one human felt toward the other, take on the form of the one that they desired most, appear before them, and seduce them into bending to their will. It was often believed that the demons of love, though deceitful, were the least worthy of fear. However, it was often overlooked that there were very few who survived encounters with these demons much less any others.


Plato had often denounced witchcraft and magic publically but there is a certain residue that has been left behind over time that suggests that Plato had had his hand in many things he would otherwise prefer no one know about.


It is not clear when it started but there eventually came a point in Plato’s life, more than likely after gaining the ability to neutralize demons, there eventually rose pieces who were said to be influenced by demons. The pieces were given to men and women that Plato trusted and they would use the pieces that they were given, temporarily harnessing the power of certain demons, and they would use it to their advantage.


It is not clear what all Plato could have done with these pieces but it is clear that he had used them over time to gain advantages.


We have only one of the pieces. This piece is one of duel magic—capable of either good or bad magic—but it cannot be used to kill people. After obtaining the piece and testing its magic, we have instilled protective magic within it. It will allow you to materialize before the one you desire and make them desire you in return. The piece aspires to inspire lust and then eventual love, depending on the holder’s level of interest.