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Witch Marks/F*

We have a ring that was used by Margaret Ooser to keep her home clear of all evil. Margaret was a known occultist who embodied powers that mystified those around her. Many were scared of her abilities and wanted her to be killed. To protect herself, and her home, she would scratch this sterling silver ring on the stone of her fireplace hearth to keep evil at bay.

Evil can enter a house through any opening, and a chimney was a perfect access point. To ward the bad spirits off, she would scratch three rings into the hearth every night before bedtime to invoke Holy Trinity. This would either drive out the evil or prevent it from entering until daylight itself destroyed it.

You can see these markings, now known as "witch marks", in old hostelries. This piece is a asymmetrical due to the scratching on the hearth. The ring holds many occultist abilities that you will gain based upon your knowledge. If you are not knowledgeable about occult powers and want to learn, this piece would be great because as you learn you will be able to exercise the rings capabilities; or if you are very knowledgeable you will be able to go ahead and have the powers flow through your body and gain the powers that Margaret bestowed to the piece.

You can learn your trade and know you will be protected from those who think you are crazy or evil! Perfect piece for anyone desiring strength, ability and protection!

This ring is in sterling silver,small size and does hold the mystifying powers she possessed.