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Fiery Breath of Power/F*

We discovered an extraordinary bracelet that embarks the history of fire and dragons. This piece showcases the fiery orange that ignites from the flame of the fire-breathing creature. We learned that Grangers stole the fire of the dragons and would mock them by reveling in the heat from the flames that the dragons worked hard to create.

The constant bullying and torture that Grangers put on Dragons made one dragon so angry that he went to try and out a fire with his mouth so the Granger couldn't use it once they forced the dragon away and he swallowed some flames and when he went to clear his mouth; he spit fire at the Granger!

The Granger ran in fear and never bothered with the dragons again. However, this discovery made other dragons try to "eat fire" and they were able to breathe it back out and knew this was a powerful feat. Later after having used this ability for several years, they discovered that new kin of dragons who did this were able to breathe fire from the time of birth. They naturally had flames within their bodies!

This bracelet has the power to bring you fire breathing abilities. You will gain access to the astral world where you can showcase your new power to those who have bullied you in the past. This piece is amazingly powerful and can only be used to threaten and push back on those who have bothered you --- you will not be able to harm the soul within someone by breathing fire on them.

Payback is a bitch, and this astral fire breathing tool will ignite the spark in your enemies ~ you no longer need to wallow in defeat!