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Eve, A mother full of love and delight was waiting for her husband to walk their beautiful daughter down the aisle. It was time to give her away and enjoy the wedding that they were paying so much for. Right as the preacher was starting the exchange of vows, Eve started to clutch her throat; she was choking on a piece of hard candy.

She thought she would be able to dislodge it herself and didn't want to ruin the ceremony; so she decided not to make a big scene. After about a minute of not being able to breathe, she collapsed onto the floor. Everyone rushed to her side and tried to help her.

What started out as the happiest day in many lives, ended up a nightmare. Eve died, the guests were in shock and the ceremony never did finish. Molly, Eve's daughter, took her mother’s death horribly. She became chronically depressed and sought out little company from those around her. She ended things with her fiancé; she believed that if they wouldn't have been getting married, this would not have happened.

The jewelry that her mother was wearing, at the time of her death, was given to Eve. She sought refuge and comfort in wearing these pieces. She realized after wearing the necklace that her mother had on, that there was a sense of agility and power in the piece.

Eves' spirit lived on in the necklace and she embodied it with powers of the occult. She never let anyone know her abilities; she was afraid they wouldn't understand. She granted her spirit so that someone would encounter the necklace and know the powers it held. She wanted her knowledge to live on in a believer/follower!

Molly was depressed for years; after years of therapy and counseling she decided she needed to part with the jewelry she found comfort in, because they were a constant reminder of that horrible day! She pawned the pieces at a local pawn shop; which is where we got the necklace. Harry is a man that often calls Dee Dee when he feels he has something of a paranormal nature. Usually he is right on,of course he is a greedy bastard too but the stuff is good.

This necklace entitles you powers of telepathy, premonition, astral projection and dream walking. When I tested this piece I Was able to enter the dreams of Molly. I could see her memories and wishes that dealt with her mother. She needed to know that her mother had these abilities and I knew she wouldn't think she was crazy.

Deedee did a séance so that we could talk to Eve and see if it would be okay to tell Molly the abilities that her mother had. Eve thought it may help her grieving daughter to know that even in death her mother was able to help others! Molly was skeptical at first, but after I told her about things I saw in her dreams she started to believe. She also remembered the power she felt when she would wear the necklace, she never understood why that happened; until now. We also had to get her over trying to sue the pawn shop that gave out her name but in the end she was thrilled.

This necklace is a stunning piece that will guide you in your quest for occult expertise. You will gain the strength of power and knowledge that Eve acquired during her life on Earth. She was talented in many areas, but telepathy and dream walking were her best areas.

You could use these assets to help understand those around you by stepping into their dreams --- don't dream about this piece for too long, or it will be gone~

This is a signed piece by Sadie Green.