Misunderstood Spirit Encounters

Misunderstood Spirit Encounters

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Misunderstood Spirit Encounters

When I was a kid a bunch of friends & I played with a Ouija board in my room on my 12th birthday.

I was skeptic to the ability of this "game" being able to conjure spirits. I had always had sensitivity and believed in spirits, however I was not a believer that this would work, until weird things started happening.

The piece started moving on its own and replying to questions with the correct answers. It was really strange. I had an intense feeling flood my head -- like I had been embraced with new information I never learned.

Ever since my 12th birthday I had things happen that couldn't be explained.

A few weeks after playing with the ouija board I started to feel weird and behaving differently. I am in no way prejudice and have always been friends with all races, but friends at school one day said that I followed after a friend of mine who was Puerto Rican and was calling him a Maldito Bori.

I didn't even know at the time what that meant, but after I was told I said it, I learned it meant he was a person who steals, kills, smells and is eternally damned.

I was also told that I was saying I didn't mean to kill him. They also said I was being held down by 5 friends and had the strength to get them all off of me.

I have no recollection of any of this. I can remember thinking in the back of my mind "should I stop this" but I didn't. Then I was carried to the office and sent home and my parents had me, as well as our house, blessed by a pastor at our local church.

After that I still feared my childhood room, but didn't have any problems until I was 20 and was living alone in an apartment. That was when I became afraid of my bedroom there also. I would see shadows, hear voices and feel something pressing down on me when I lied in my bed.

I would also have my sheets pulled off of me slowly. So I started to sleep in the living room. I would walk past the hallway to my bedroom in the middle of the night and look down the hall at my room and just feel overwhelmed with fear.

One night right after peering down the hall at my room I sat down on the couch when something grabbed my hand and made me shake it vigorously for a couple of minutes.

When it let go of my hand I laid down and closed my eyes. It grabbed my head and began pulling it upward toward the back of the couch like it wanted me to look at it. I pulled as hard as I could to keep my head down on my pillow.

It pulled for a couple minutes, lifting my head off the pillow. As soon as it let go I got up quickly, ran and left the apartment. I went to my parents and stayed with them until I could get a pastor to return to my apartment with me a couple days later.

When we arrived at the apartment there was no power in my apartment. I went around to the side of the building and found the power box and my power had been switched off.

No one would have intentionally turned off my power and there were no witnesses to how it could have been turned off. I got rid of anything I owned that the pastor thought brought any negative energy. He then blessed me as well as my apartment.

The pastor believed it was the spirit of fear playing tricks on me. After that I moved around several times and in each place I moved to I always seemed to either see children out of the corner of my eye, tall shadows walk from one room to the next, hear children call out to me when I was alone and feel coldness run up my spine.

This is when I met Deedee and contacted her about the occurrences. After working with her one on one, I was able to learn that when I called upon the questions of the afterlife with the Ouija board, the spirits connected with my sensitivity of knowledge and brought about a force that opened me to be connected with spirits on a regular basis.

So not matter what I would have gotten rid of, it didn't matter... I was the token key to the embrace of the encounters!

Deedee has an extraction piece that purified me from the negative force field that stayed with me from my encounter as a child. This began our connection and my process of understanding my gifts and a career with Haunted Curiosities!

The extraction of the force field energies allowed for an invocation of the necklace you see below.

This item will bring forth powers to allow you to be the pawn to the field; you will be enriched with sanctity to understand and incorporate the spirits that revel in the force field.

When I was younger I wan unaware of all the power that exerted around me; I was scared and avoided contact. Now I wish I could go back, or have the force field surround me again --- however, it will not encompass around me due to the fact that I was instilled with the extraction strength to remove it years ago.

My disregard to the occult abilities that reside in this piece bring about an amazing opportunity for you to obtain ultimate connections with spirits of dual magic.

You will be able to bond and correlate conjunctive plans to emerge powers from both white light and dark entities.

The necklace still resides with the protective aspect of the original powers, along with the extreme powers of the spirits that you will encounter when you wear this item!