800 Cosmic Paths, PIC UPDATED!

800 Cosmic Paths, PIC UPDATED!

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The Nine Cosmic Paths



This piece was given to us from an entity that simply called herself the "Lady who walks among the pyramids." We found her presence embedded into a crystal that we acquired from an investigation in France. I'm not really sure how this piece ended up in France. It was part of a collection that we received after the collector died a mysterious death. We suspect government involvement, but we aren't 100% sure. His name was Pierre and he often flaunted the items that did have, so it doesn't really surprise us that the French government wanted to seize his belongings.

Anyway, we got this piece from an investigation that was going on. In the crystal was the entity that I told you about. What she offers is something called the 800 Cosmic Paths. The 800 Cosmic Paths. These are the energies of the Pleiades, which is a star cluster over 410 Light Years away from Earth. That means it would take 8.2 Million years to travel there. Yeah, add that to the list of things you won't be doing before you die.

However, if you are looking to harvest the energies of the Pleiades, then you've come to the right place. Honestly, you probably weren't, because you probably didn't even know that you could, but let me tell you why you need this piece and what it offers. So, the Pleiades Star system is a cluster in the constellation Taurus of 800 stars. The Divine Creator of the Universe AKA God put those stars there for a purpose. Among these stars, he wrote out 800 divine destinies that he could give to any human that he chose. He called them Cosmic Paths because they were created with the same Cosmic energy that He used to create the universe.

The Lady that walks among the Pyramids is an energetic essence, a living entity that has been created by the energies of the Pleiades that is monitored and tracked by the three-pyramid stargate that exists in Cairo. We know them here on Earth simply as "the Pyramids". The energies of the Pleiades are directly correspondent to the disposition of the pyramids and their placement on Earth, so the pyramids are constantly picking up the energies of the Pleiades. This was shown to us by the Lady who allowed us to see the flow of energy in our minds.

God is the one who created the 800 Cosmic Paths, but honestly, the Lady who lives among the pyramids is the one who is offering them to us. She is a 100% white light being, no duality, no darkness. She holds the secrets of the Pleiades-- or should i say one of them. That secret is the 800 Cosmic Paths. When you wear this path you will be able to connect to her and reveal what the 800 Cosmic Paths are. I mean, you already know they are divine destinies, but I mean what they actually are.

One of the paths might be, "become a world-changing doctor." Another path might be, "become a multi-millionaire". One might say "ascend into Heaven at age 57." I mean there are 800 of these things and they are futures that have been written down that you will be allowed to live out. There are destinies for teachers, singers, actors, authors, business leaders, healers, politicians, etc. There are paths for families, one with no kids at all, some with relationships and others where you don't have to waste time being in any relationships at all. Some include different types of magic and others include no magical abilities at all.

The Lady of the Pyramids will bring whichever of the Cosmic Paths that you want to live for you. What you will do is meditate with this piece and she will show you the future. If you are searching for a particular future, then you meditate upon that future and it to you and will be yours for the taking.

I forgot to say that there are also cosmic paths for things such as enlightenment, good health, chakra cleansing/removal, spiritual healing, 3rd eye activation, having a good sex life, and many, many more. You've seriously gotta experience this piece to get a full understanding of the many, many things that it can do for you.