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A lot of times people get so wrapped up in magic that they forget about the little things.  If you can remember back to when you were a child, you were probably taught that it's the little things that count.  Everything that happens adds up into the bigs things and the bigs things are what shapes a feeling or a perception.  This is why Egyptian magic is so powerful.  There are a system of powerful Gods.  Together, all the powers and energies that they offer make up a realm of magic that is very powerful.  Without these individual deities, however, there would be no system.  Thus, I've created a system of homage to the individual Gods that make up all of this great Egyptian powers.  There will be a series of pieces.  Each one is dedicated to a specific god or goddess of the Egyptian Pantheon.

Why are these pieces so powerful, you ask?  Well first, they are Egyptian magic originals.  You don't build a house all at once, rather you start with a foundation which is what these pieces are designed to do for you.  Learn one form of magic, the rest will begin to pour in.  Trust me, it's happened to me before.  Not to mention, these pieces have been specifically designed and crafted using the white light powers of Raviniska, the original white light being who was born from the paw of the Sphinx.  Who better to help design these pieces than someone whose lived these powers and knows how to maximize the opportunity.  These pieces are simple but back an extraordinary amount of magic and power packed into them.

The powers that are packed into these pieces have been conjured into the by pieces by Ravniska during a power acquisition conjuring.  Each piece has a separate God and holds a separate ability.  They are all listed as their own separate piece, so make sure you take a look at all of them!!

Throughout history the Lion has become one of the most feared animals.  I mean, it always was a feared beast in the animal kingdom, but pretty soon humans learned to fear the lion, out of respect for the incredible attributes that it displays.  It is considered the master of the land, supreme being of the animal kingdom who rules over all other beasts of the Earth.  The lion as a symbol of power, courage, and strength was seen by Egyptians to represent divine wealth.  The loved these feline beasts so much that the sphinx was created as the body of a lion with the head of a human figure.  They even gave the lion its own goddess.  Her name is Menhit

This piece embodies the presence of the goddess Menhit.  When conjure, Menhit is known to bring attributes of the lion and manifest them in your own life.  The predominant aspect of the lion that is present in this piece is wealth.  With this piece, the goddess Menhit will bring you your own pride of wealth hunting lions.  Lions are known, also, to be the best hunters of the land with speed, agility, and cunning.  Your pride of wealth lions will go out before you and secure wealth in all different areas of your life.  They will hunt down all things to do with wealth and the bring them to your person, that way it will not be very long before you begin to see the money rolling in.  It will brought to you and laid at your feet in all different forms. You'll have to make a psychic connection with your pride so that way you know about the wealth they are bringing you.  You can do this by wearing your item and not taking it off, unless it's time to shower or something important like that.