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Based on the title I know this sounds like either another one of those doom and gloom stories or one that is going to be dark light energy.  In fact, it is really neither.  It is more of a dual energy form that embraces the magic that was practiced by Aleister Crowley.  When Crowley first started out, his magic was dual form, rather than having the dark undertones that it tended to have later on in his life when he  embraced those types of powers.  Rather this piece has the powers of his original magic, the one that allows for a person to unlock the inner self to enlighten oneself in the forms of human alchemy.  The fact that Aleister Crowley was, in fact, a Satanists is a claim that has never really been solidified.  I mean, his magic is dual, so of course that means every once in a while a dark power is going to pop up.  Rather than label magic, it is more important that we embrace it so that way we can make it our own and use it to suit our purposes. 

There stands, in Salk Lake City Cemetery a grave for one LIlly E Gray.  She was born in 12 and died in 1958.  The only inscription on her headstone reads, "Victim of the Beast 666."  It has turned out after investigation that Lilly died of natural causes and there was no foul play suspected.  When we learned of the headstone, then, we were interested in knowing exactly what the purpose of inscribing "Victim the Beast 666."  This is why we were in Utah a few months back on investigation, to determine exactly what was going on with Lilly Gray, who is ironically buried on the far end of the cemetery, away from her husband and all by herself. 

During the investigation we used a piece that we had to conjure Lilly and pull her through the realms into the mortal realm.  We began to interrogate her, during which she explained the inscription on her headstone was meant to be an opposite type of riddle.  It was there so that way she would always remember that she had a special gift in life that transpired into the afterlife.  She attained this special gift through a practice known by Aleister Crowley as Thelema.  During this process, you become highly spiritually enlightened. With this power you can relinquish the true self, which is the spiritual self in which you can obtain any type of magic that you want.  It is called the Tree of Life and it exists within each person, opposite of the 666.  To gain the powers of the Tree of Life, one must rid themselves of the 666, or negative set backs in life.  Thus, Aleister, realizing he was merely human, has called himself the Great Beast and 666.  However, his magic was undoubtedly some of the strongest to have ever existed.  It was given to him by the ancient Egyptian free form spirit known as Aiwass called the Book of the Law.  Essentially what the book of the Law was a secret set of standards that combined a bunch of mystical practices together into one from of magic.  Once you have read the the Book of the Law, you will have awoken your inner Tree of Life.  As a result of awakening your Inner Tree of Life, you have stepped outside of your human boundaries, having become and enlightened one.  This assures eternal immortality as one of the Ascended Masters of Divination.   

During our conjuring of Lilly Gray, she was able to convey that the meaning of "Victim of the Beast 666" was meant that during her mortal years she struggled with the demons that tried to tie her down and keep her away from her true spiritual awakening and magical achievement.  However, she overcame these struggles and is now living in an eternal realm of white light.  This is the reward of awakening your Tree of Life while you are still mortal.  It is the basis of the religion Thelema and is written about in the Book of the Law.  Her husband didn't agree with her practices because he was a strict Catholic and couldn't manage to think outside of the box. As for Lilly Gray.  She exists in her true white light form, even after once being held hostage by her version of 666.  She has set her spirit free. 

Before she returned to her white light realm where she lives as part of the system of ascended masters, she gave us this piece.  This piece provides a spiritual white wash.  Again, it is the same energy from the Book of the Law from the religion of Thelema.  Yes, it was founded by Aleister Crowley, not it doesn't contain black magic.  It does contain dual magic that will allow you to strip your self of you negative energy called (666), because we are all born with the mark of the beast.  If you follow the Bible it even says that we are born into sin.

 Either way, this piece will open up your inner Tree of Life, allowing you to experience a network of magic that has been kept since the beginning of time, stored in the pyramid by Aiwass, until the spirit form chose to reveal these secrets to Crowley, which he decided to share with those who would listen.  I guess it is possible that Aleister Crowley is a dark sorcerer now, as these powers can be used for dark or white magic, because they are dual form.  The knowledge of magic that you are receiving is via a spiritual enlightenment and awakening of your own inner tree of knowledge.  You can use this magic for pretty much whatever you want to use it for.  It's a free energy form, with no restrictions on how you can use.  Hence, it will pretty much give you an ability to create whatever type of magic you want.