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Superstitious or not, this piece is awfully compelling, especially for anyone who is a believe, in part or in whole, of Christianity or any of the Abrahamic religions for this matter.  It is a prophecy of final testament for any of those who have ever doubted.  It will not give you any special powers or abilities.  Rather, it gives you visions that demand a verdict, even from someone who is a total disbeliever.    I personally wish I could offer this piece for sale a thousands times, but I can't because there is only one of these items.  It's all that was made and probably the only of that will ever be made.  We got the piece as a result of an investigation that we had going on over in Rome for some time.  That's really the only thing I tell you about how we fell into possession of this piece. 

On Sunday, November 24, 2013 there was a Catholic Mass.  However, it wasn't like any other Catholic Mass before.  It was a Mass called with a ritual to confirm nine segments of bones are indeed that of Saint Peter, the beloved first Pope of the Holy Catholic Church.  The originality of the bones have been hotly contested since they were found after the groundbreaking of excavations underneath Saint Peter's Basilica, in attempt bury Pope Pius XI, who had recently passed away and wished to be buried with the Popes in the grottoes underneath St Peter's Basilica.  During excavations these bits of bone were found in he Necropolis under St. Peter's Basilica. 

During the excavation a funerary monument with a casket built in honor of Peter was uncovered and the bones were removed.  It wasn't until 1968, though, that these findings were released to the public and at this time they weren't "for sure."  They were simply released as  "identified in a way that could be considered convincing."    However, it 2013 it was finally confirmed that these bones were actually, indeed, the bones of the first-ever Roman Catholic Priest, the Apostle Peter. 

The reason these bones were never excavated and research on a large scale is because of a secret curse that promise 1,000 years of misfortune for the person who disturbs the tomb of Peter.  Has this been the Pandora's Box that released the first 1,000 years of the End of Time upon us?  Is this Pope really the last Pope and is this why all the final Prophecy is suddenly coming True?  What ways are there to be certain? 

Well, this piece is definitely one of them.  This piece is a contemporary piece, but is was constructed with the tenth bone fragment of Saint Peter.  It was ground up and put into the making of this piece.  The powers in the item are simple.  It removes everything about yourself and the world around you.  You exist in your pure, naked form, in the Realm of the Void.  This is where God existed, in the dark before he created anything.  It is completely devoid of anything BUT God in his true form, with all of his powers and knowledge.  This piece allows you to merge yourself with God in your soul form-- to become part of him.  After all, we are all a part of Him anyhow.  He has breathed life into us all.  This piece allows you run through the timeline of the world from the very beginning when God said, "Let there be light."

It will take you through the times that have already happened and those that are to come.  You will watch single-handedly as the Apocalypse unfolds, as the Four Horsemen descend upon Earth from Heaven to wreak their havoc.  There is no secret of the world that is kept from you with this piece.  You will see all with the Eyes of God.  You will know secrets from the Illuminati, to alien existence, to the true meaning of prophecy that is coming true all around us, even down to minute details like the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids or Hitler's magic that he performed on the Jews during WWII.

Any answer you've ever wanted to know is in the palm of your hand with this piece.  I guess I kind of lied when I said this piece doesn't offer powers.  I mean the piece itself merely offers you the opportunity to exist as one with God for the course of time, to see things the way he sees them from beginning to the End and then on the continuum of times after the end. The opportunity to gain powers lies in the fact that you literally view all things with this piece, simultaneously.  It's kind of hard to explain, because you haven't used this piece and you obviously aren't God.  I'm telling you though that once you've used this piece your life will never be the same.  I know it sounds epic, but it's true.  It's literally the definition of omniscient.  It's all in the power of your fingertips.  The question is, will you choose to embrace this power or will you keep scrolling.  The choice is yours.