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There isn't much known about the life on James Leeson.  It's okay, though because it's not about what he did with his life that people are fascinated with.  it is how he appears during death.  I shouldn't say HE appears during death, but rather how his grave stone appears during death.  He was definitely a creative individual, but it almost seems kind of creepy that he created his own tombstone, especially since his life ended abruptly in the year 1974, at the age of 38.  The fascination with his grave is the Masonic images that are etched into the tomb, suggesting that he was a significant member of the underground elite society of Freemasons while he was alive, but there really isn't much known about his life in order to prove or disprove that statement.  On his tombstone there are several pictures, one bearing an hourglass with wings, one was a burning urn, and one depicted stone cutting tools, suggest Leeson was a mason.  On the top of his tomb an inscription of curved cypher left people baffled for over a century until in 1889, somebody published the Masonic cypher.  Turns out the code on the top of Leeson's grave means "remember death."  This has left people thinking that Leeson's tomb depicts an ages old version of YOLO (you only live once) as time passes and your soul remains forever, you must remember death.  Quite elegant if you ask me; but there is more to the story.  Believe me. 

When we heard about the grave, we were enamored with the idea of the links that this particular grave had to Freemasonry.  We've seen others like it, but there was just something about this one that drove us to the urgency to see the grave. Perhaps it was something supernatural making up our minds for us, but we soon found ourselves en route to New York to see this grave.  It was not that far off a drive either.  Especially since it's our neighboring state.  I mean why not get a little adventurous from time to time.  It's what we do, and it's how we offer you guys the most insanely magic pieces ever. 

Anyhow, the grave is in plain sight.  It's not like we had to go searching for the grave itself.  When we got there, we saw that the markings on the grave looked even better in person and they had more character with the sunlight reflecting off of them, lighting up in a goldenrod hue. It was then that Deedee began to feel the presence creep out of the message and into her soul.  When the letters and inscription appear in the same shade of golden rod, she got a premonition of man beyond the grave descending from an eternal place on a golden staircase.  She was clear to point out that it wasn't Heaven, rather he was descended to her from another, immortal realm.  They were spirit forms, rather it was like they had been resurrected into the realm, similar in the fashion that Jesus Christ has been resurrected into Heaven.  She told me that she wasn't allowed to see into the realm, but it glowed with the hue that the inscription on his grave was glowing with in the afternoon sun.  She told me that inside the realm was the true meaning of being a 3rd Degree Mason, which is the highest form of Masonry that you can attain... here on Earth, I mean.  As far as the realm Deedee encountered in her dream-- there is no limit on the level of Masonry you can achieve. You can continue to grow as powerful as you want. 

The realm is called the Arc of 360 because it is literally devised and created out of Freemason powers to house those who have undergone the 3rd degree Masonic transformation here on Earth.  This is what the inscriptions meant on his headphones.  The hourglass with wings is to signify that he has gone to a place that defies time.  The urn that is on fire is because in this current form he has undergone complete human alchemy and has become indestructible in his powers.  His mason tools clearly represent his Masonic affiliation and the term "Remember Death" means that he has beat the cycle and has overcome and defied all odds by becoming an immortal.   The tombstone?  Oh it's for show.  It also points out the location of a secret piece for those who have managed to crack his code.  I know this because shortly after Deedee came out of her trance, she began to head towards an area just inside the brink of a wooded area adjacent to the parking lot.  "Dig," she said, "We need to dig."  So, we dug.  It was long before we hit a little chest which we opened up and found this piece in.  I'm not sure if it will be replenished by Neeson for the next lucky winner.  All I know is that we reburied the chest out of respect for Neeson.  After all, it was his and we didn't know the deal.  We did, however, take the piece inside the chest. 

This item gives you the ability to travel into the Arc of 360, well you will receive 3rd Degree Masonic Transformation.  When you do this you will gain all the secrets of the Immortal Masons, the group of Masons who has made this realm of magic their home and will not return.  Your piece will not allow you to never return, it doesn't have that power.  However, you will be able to garner all the magic from the realm that you want and bring it back to the mortal realm to use here on Earth.  These forms of magic are pretty much unlimited.  I mean, I can't really say oh this piece will give you this magic and this magic.  I can guarantee it allows you to travel to the Arc of 360, however, the powers and magic that you gain while there is pretty much up to you.  The realm is made out of magic, so take that into consideration as to just how powerful it is.