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The story of Kuldhara is quite possibly one of the strangest stories of disappearance in history.  I mean, it's not on the scale of the disappearance of the Mayan or Inca peoples, but it is pretty much on par with the general concept.  The difference is that the exodus from this city was prompted by a force of unholy Hell that was released upon the village.  The village itself was situated about 15 kilometers west of Jaisalmer, a city in Western Rajasthan.  The city came into existence in roughly 1291. After a short 7 centuries later, the city was completely and entirely abandoned. 

There have been many theories and fables created around why this city just up and disappeared.  One involves the emperor taxing the constituents too much.  Another contains a story about a daughter of the Village chief who refused to give the Emperor his daughter's forced hand in marriage.  The fact of the matter is none of these stories is the reason as to the disappearance of these villagers. 

The truth lies in a secret well the exists behind a large structure right on the main road in the deserted town.  It really is a simple notion.  The well was being built for the obvious purpose-- the retrieve water.  The townsfolk were proud of their well and continued to dig deeper and deeper.  The unknowingly unleashed a band of wild djinn up the town.  The haunted the townsfolk with unspeakable horrors including rape, murder, possession, and other supernatural demonic nuisances.  There was one djinn, however, that was not so much for the goings on of the rest of his band of dark djinn.  He was actually born of more of a white light, dual magic.  He felt compassion for the villagers, telling them to leave before he sealed the djinn back into the well that they came from.  He cursed the land but, so as to never have this happen to anyone else again. 

There was only one setback to the whole, "I curse this land," action.  It kind of bonded him to the land and he was stuck there for eternity.  I say was only because he is no longer bound to the land.  I know this for sure, but more on this later. Nobody seems to be so sure where the people form the mass exodus went.  It is likely the scattered in the scores of other local villages around the area.  Maybe some wondered off into the wilderness.  Who knows, but the town of Kuldhara was never inhabited again.  In fact, the curse the the djinn befell upon the town was so strong that even paranormal investigators to this day say that they can feel the ominous presence of evil in the town.  Nobody has ever been able to diagnose the disappearance for the mere fact that they haven't been able to make a proper connection to the land.

We went on an investigation there a while back, as in years.  I've been working with Deedee for about 6 years now and it was one of our very first investigations together.  We've just kept this piece for testing and our own personal use for the past 6 years.  I can tell you that Kulhdara honestly was one of the most lonely, desolate places that I have ever personally been.  When you visit the place you can feel this sort of heavy presence wash over you and I have no doubt that if you stayed to long, you would most likely be pulled into the darkness.  It would eat you alive and you would while away your hours for the rest of your life.  This is why we didn't extend our investigation longer than a few days.  Don't let that be confused with our investigation wasn't fruitful, because it was.

While we were there we noticed that among the dark energies that were laden in this place was a presence that felt like hope.  That's the only way I can really decide it.  Deedee and I both picked up on it on the second night of the investigation.  It came to us strong, as we had already developed a connection to the land, because we slept at the site during the night and meditated upon the powers that were in the area.  The white light presence came to us in a vision the next day and showed us all that happened.  After the vision, we made contact with the being and summoned the presence of the being in this presence.  This allowed us to remove him from confines of the village and strengthen the curse on the dark forces in the well.  They won't be harming anyone any time soon.

The presence that has been pulled and set into this piece is that of ancient dual form djinn.   Ready for the powers that he brings you??  He grants unlimited wishes.  Not to minimalize the power in the piece but the only thing he will do is grant wishes for you, which is very powerful in its own rite.  You can literally ask this piece to grant any wish you want.  That allows for other powers, money, and other abilities.  This piece really versatile.  You have to put some thought into they way you wish and what you wish for.