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We've seen a lot of weird things in our time doing investigations; however when the "weird" hits close to home then the weird become a whole different type of weird.  We came about this case because there is somebody that I went to college with that knows the type of work that I do.  His wife is a big paranormal buff and I've tried to talk her out of believing those shows on television but she continues to watch them anyway.  Either way, like I said she is a big paranormal buff, so of course she was the one that came to me with this case.  The case was actually really easy to solve and it wasn't necessarily "weird" per se, because believe me, I've seen a TON of weird stuff.  Rather, it was a simply case of paranormality, which is what we do.  Understandably, this may be frightening for the average human being who doesn't understand what's going on or why they were chosen to participate in some sort of paranormal activity. 

I'm going to call the person who contacted me Jessica, for sake of confidentiality.  Jessica contacted me one day, telling me that her friend had contacted her in a frantic state of being.  She had receive, on her front porch, a visitor.  However, the visitor wasn't human, and was very short, coming in at around 3' tall.  It was a porcelain doll, perhaps one of the creepiest porcelain dolls you've ever seen.  She brought the doll in her house and at first it was normal.  After a few hours the doll began projecting thought forms into the lady's head.  It wasn't long after that, that it actually began talking to her in her deceased mother's tone of voice.  It was long after THAT that the doll began manifesting spirit forms to the lady, particularly that of the woman's dead mother.  Now, to me something like that would be pretty cool. To her, it was creepy because she wasn't used to it and she made particular sure that she didnt' want it happening again any time soon.  That is why Jessica called me, to see what I could do about the doll incident. 

When I arrived in Jessica's home I could immediately feel a presence in her home. It wasn't a bad presence, just a presence.   I searched the house high and low and found nothing else that would've caused such an abrupt appearance of the woman's mom.  My conclusion then, was it had to be the doll, but from whom did the doll come?  I guess we will never find out, because ever during the extraction ceremony where I release the mother's soul back into the realm of spirits, so that way she would be free from the doll.  During this innocent moment, the lady told me that I was to tell the daughter not to worry about her financial troubles that she would be able to get through them.  The girl started crying, the rest was history.  In a homage to her mother she wanted to burn the doll so that way it could never be used again for the same purposes.  However, this didn't happen before I extracted the energy from the doll and placed it into this piece. 

This piece is a spiritual communication piece.  It allows you to pull spirits from the realm and to place them in lifeless, inanimate dolls.  The dolls will then began to communicate with either yourself or the person for whom you have made the doll.  This is a very easy way to hold full conversations with the dead.  The magic in the piece is a form of necromancy and til this day I have yet to determine from where or whom  the original doll came from.  It doesn't really matter, though because all is well that ends well.  This item will give you the powers that I just described.  This piece is very powerful, as it will let you conjure any type of soul that you want-- dark soul, light soul, vampire soul, werewolf soul, animal soul, whatever.  This is a great way to not only hold communication on a soul that you are particularly inquisitive about, but also to gain all the powers that come along with the souls that you conjure.