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It is important to remember that even through the bad, sometimes good can prevail.  The item that we are offering has a bit of a doom and gloom story behind it, but it's important to remember that we aren't selling it because of the background.  We sell stuff based off of the powers that it gives to our customers; and this piece is an incredible find.  It will do amazing things for you.  I can guarantee that.  We have tested this piece, what feels like, a hundred times.  We can guarantee that there are no negative attributes to it, because the power isn't negative and that's all that matters. 

When it comes to Nazi Germany what do you think?  Of course the first thing that comes to your mind is that Hitler slaughtered Jews en masse.  You think of these big burly Nazi men taking out villages of Jews at a time and lining the up for execution.  Well, forget what you are thinking for just a second, because this can be a woman's game, too.  This is the story of one such woman who makes most of the Nazi's attempts to exterminate the Jews look like a walk in the park.  She was a very sinister woman, but the most sinister part of her whole story is that, to her, she was doing nothing wrong.  I guess she just doesn't get it.  I don't know.

I'm talking about one Herta Oberheuser.  She was in close cahoots with Adolf Hitler, who had this uncanny craving for all things magical and occult.  The two were a match made in Heaven.  Herta would intentionally wound her "patients" and after she was done she infect their wounds with things like bacteria and glass and rusty nails.  The premis was to see how the human body reacts to certain types of infection I suppose.  She thought she was doing the world a favor.  A rational mind would tell her that maybe her intentions were good, but she was going about it the wrong way.  Once she was done experimenting on an individual, their death was imminent.  She'd kill the person with an injected cocktail of motor oil and gasoline, which burned in the patients' veins for a total of six minutes until their demise. 

After she was done with the bodies, she disect them and keep the organs for other experiments. This is where the story becomes supernatural.  It is said that when you sever an organ from a deceased person's body that the deceased person's soul stays on Earth because they have a spiritual attachment to the limb or appendage or organ or whatever it may be.  This is why you hear so many people that get heart transplants or liver transplants having the memories of the person form whom they received the organ.  Its like the soul of the person is constantly being yanked back into consciousness because their is still part of them alive and operable.  Herta thought that maybe, just maybe, with the right type of magic she could reverse the process.  Instead of spirits being pulled back into consciousness because their organs are living, why can the human mind be transported into the world of the undead.  If their is a some type of spiritual connection between the dead and the undead, over the living part of the dead person's body and that connection allows the dead to haunt the living... why couldn't the living also-- in effect-- haunt the dead.  Of course she didn't call it haunting.  The terminology she used for the occurrence was--  Quantum Soul Jumping. 

After using the living organs of the people whom she had killed, she was able to develop a type of energy from the organs that she used a form of sorcery developed by Heinreich Himmler, to place the spiritual connection properties into a series of pieces.  She then tested the pieces and after testing them for a damn long time, and tweaking certain parts of the experiments and sorcery, she was able to successfully develop a series of pieces that were able to operate of the haunted organ phenomenon. 

The set of pieces that she developed were a favorite of Hitler's, because, again, he loved anything to do with the occult and the paranormal.  He used the pieces often, which allow a person to astral traveling into the realm of the deceased.  Hitler used the powers in the pieces that Herta had developed to travel to particular souls to gain their energy and magic.  It didn't stop at being able to traveling into the realms of souls, though.  She successfully developed an form of energetic sorcery that broke down the walls of all Quantum Jumping using the energy she had original developed to travel into the realm of the afterlife.  Thus, the items that she made allowed the person who was using it to astral travel to realm of existence that they wanted. If they wanted a specific realm, this is what they concentrated on.  If they merely wanted to travel freely among realms and interdimensional space, that was an option too.  I mean, you obviously know the rest... when you travel to other realms you have the ability to attain other powers and meet other species of entities.  This is how Hitler and his crew first came into contact with extraterrestrial life forms from other planets that gave them military secrets that almost allowed them to conquer the world. 

We have attained one-- JUST ONE-- of the pieces that were designed and developed by Herta Oberheuser.  The pieces are extraordinary and work extraordinarily well.  Using this piece, you will be able to do exactly what I just spelled out to you in the previous paragraph.  It will allow you to "quantum jump" to virtually any realm that you want, in the past, present, or future, living or non-living, human, alien, whatever.  There are no limits with this piece, because the power in them stretches limits and pushes past the regular.  You will not be disappointed in your piece and that much I can guarantee you.