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A lot of times people get so wrapped up in magic that they forget about the little things.  If you can remember back to when you were a child, you were probably taught that it's the little things that count.  Everything that happens adds up into the big things and the big things are what shapes a feeling or a perception.  This is why Egyptian magic is so powerful.  There are a system of powerful Gods.  Together, all the powers and energies that they offer make up a realm of magic that is very powerful.  Without these individual deities, however, there would be no system.  Thus, I've created a system of homage to the individual Gods that make up all of this great Egyptian powers.  There will be a series of pieces.  Each one is dedicated to a specific god or goddess of the Egyptian Pantheon.

Why are these pieces so powerful, you ask?  Well first, they are Egyptian magic originals.  You don't build a house all at once, rather you start with a foundation which is what these pieces are designed to do for you.  Learn one form of magic, the rest will begin to pour in.  Trust me, it's happened to me before.  Not to mention, these pieces have been specifically designed and crafted using the white light powers of Raviniska, the original white light being who was born from the paw of the Sphinx.  Who better to help design these pieces than someone whose lived these powers and knows how to maximize the opportunity.  These pieces are simple but back an extraordinary amount of magic and power packed into them.

The powers that are packed into these pieces have been conjured into the by pieces by Raviniska during a power acquisition conjuring.  Each piece has a separate God and holds a separate ability.  They are all listed as their own separate piece, so make sure you take a look at all of them!!

All things are cyclic.  Nobody knows this better than the god, Nut who is the goddess of the sky and the stars.  She has been commissioned to watch over the very magic that has held existence together the seems.  The thing of it is that we move just like the moon and stars.  This means that the energies in our universe is the same energy that occurs here on Earth.  They are the energies that make the wind and the rain.  They are the energies that allow alchemists to turn iron into gold or Jesus to heal the blind.  The secrets to these energies and how to use them are hidden in maps and formations in the sky.  They are kept and guarded by the constellations. 

There are secret messages in the stars that, if we all could look upon the night sky with divine orientation, we would be able to comprehend.  Sadly, we are all merely human, so there is no connecting with these powers for us, unless we undergo some form of divine intervention, kind of like went Saul was on the Road to Damascus and had his epiphany.  It will allow us to do a 180 in the notion that we will be elevated from our mere human conscious and given the ability to understand the messages and symbols that have been places into our stars, our universe, the planets and the way they all work together on the continuum of life to make everything work as one big giant whole system.  

When using this piece, you will be able to see into the star maps and encounter the powers and abilities that have been locked in space.  It is the eternal gift of the Gods for those who have become knowledgeable and ambitious enough to seek them out.  It is a rare power because, in essence, this isn't just Egyptian magic, or Christian magic, or Hindu magic, it is the universal magic form that all religions, beliefs, and though forms use to create their system of magic and divination.  This piece will not only allow you to an all-source of magical powers, it will also allow you to view our existence as an outside, to understand the machine that we are part of, that we all serve a purpose to it and that we all belong somewhere.  By understanding this, the magic you get will also allow you to manipulate destiny so that way you can control what happens in your own life.