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How many times have you been looking for something that you just can't seem to find, no matter what?  You look high.  You look low.  You tear apart the cushions in the couch to see if you left it there.  You may even check under the recliner; but let's face it, nothing is ever under the recliner that you want to discover-- maybe some left over popcorn that your three-year-old was eating while Frozen over and over again.  You get the idea, anyhow.  Now, how many of those times are the answers to what you are looking for right in front of you?  You didn't search the obvious, because subliminally in your brain you don't want to think that your that dumb that what you are looking for is right in front of you face.  Don't feel bad, I do it all the time.  This is part of the reason we are offering this piece for sale, for those of you who have been searching for the answers, but can't seem to find them.  Now, I'm not necessarily calling you dumb, but it is in our human nature not to understand those things that are going on around us; so more or less I'm saying that you are ignorant to the fact and that is not something you can help.  I just wanted to clarify that. 

Lately, there have been mass reports of a very low, but very audible humming sound.  Nobody seems to know where these hums are coming from and it has sparked a huge debate in the scientific and political arena.  Some scientists speculate that the hum is coming from leftover nuclear energy and missile tracking devices that the world powers have left to contaminate the world in the wakes of the Second World War and Cold War.  Other scientists suggest that the world is falling apart at its very seams and the hum is a resonance given off, precipitating what will be one epic, catastrophic explosion.  Then, there are those that say that the purpose of the hum is surely a man made thing and that the government is attempting to use the hum as a form of mass-mind control.  I like that last theory, but alas, it isn't true.  However, we have a piece that will help clear up and clarify any and all questions that you might have in the back of your mind concerning where the hum is coming from and what the hum means. 

We actually confiscated these pieces from a few government officials, and when we got them back to where we needed to be we immediately reinforced them with a cloaking spell so that way the whereabouts of these pieces are in no way shape or form traceable.  We never intended to get involved with the phenomenon that other people simply refer to as the "Hum".  Yeah, it's weird.  Yeah, it's strange, but it wasn't something that was exactly up our alley.  That is until Deedee and I were on an investigation in Virginia.  The investigation proved to be a case of an over paranoid parent, however, when we stopped for lodging for the night, Deedee began to hear the hum and it really began working on her nerves.  She then began to have psychic visions of where the hum was coming from; and THAT is how we ended up in Northern Canada, a place even some Eskimos won't even travel.  We got these pieces using a psychological espionage item, which is just fancy for mind-control.  We were able to use the powers in the piece to force the driver to pull over.  After that we used the piece to force everyone in the car into a deep sleep.  This is when we crept up on the car, forced our way in and took the pieces that we took.  We took two of them because don't it be obvious.  I mean they will probably eventually figure out that two are missing, but not right away. 

These pieces come from a joint operation between the Canadian and Unites States government called Operation Shooting Star.  The hum that people are hearing is coming from a alien spacecraft that has crash landed in Canada.  It has been blocked off any and all radar, kind of like that dark spot of Google maps that doesn't show up.  kind of like that.  Either way, the aircraft is what is generating the hum, as some of the creatures that were in the spacecraft have made their way into human civilization and since they are obviously smarter than us, they have assimilated into human life as they hold the ability to shoplift into anything the encounter.  The hum is a low frequency on which these entities can communicate with their mother ship, which is their command post until they get someone to fix their ship, which won't be easy considering the star system that they come from is billions of light years away and most of their space faring equipment is down. 

The general idea of Operation Shooting Star was to gain a better understanding of the low pitched hum that has been hear all over the world.  The joint task force commissioned an investigative effort in and around the area and these pieces are what they came back with.  Again, we didn't take all of them because we didn't want it to seem to obvious that we took some.  Reality is the government is most likely only going to use the power to oppress it's own people.  We are using these pieces to offer enlightenment for our customers.  Well, we are keeping one and offering the other one to our customers.  It is an original piece and I'm not quite sure if the feds made it or if they got it off the mother ship.  If I had to guess I'd say they made it, as I'm highly skeptical that they were actually inside the mother ship.  Either way, it doesn't really matter because the piece holds amazing powers just the same. 

This piece is a cognizant piece that will react with your brain in a way that will give you an understanding of an extraterrestrial race.  It will allow you to hear "the Hum" for what it is really trying to communicate.  You see, the hum and its ultra low frequency are merely a means of communication from the mother ship to the aliens, who are scattered through the whole world.  Don't worry, they wish no ill will on anyone or they would have killed us.  They are very powerful and very unique.  With this piece, the hum will be debriefed to your human mind.  That means you are gaining the ability to hear the communication from the mother ship.  This will give you the ability to communicate with the mother ship.  It will give you all the secrets of the space magic that is being practiced on a daily basis that is being communicated from the mother ship to the outlying alien civilization.  It will allow you understand the language and communication that is in the hum.  This way you will never miss a beat in the communication and you will always be on top of your game when it comes to extraterrestrial communication.  The most important part of this piece, though is the inner sonar you are going to gain with this piece.  After you've had the piece for a few weeks, you will begin developing a spacial sonar, kind of like a bat.  When you close your eyes, you will be able to see a map of the world, the solar system, and all that exists in it.  This will give you the give you the ability to use the resonance of the hum to communicate with other forms of existence from across the galaxy and other galaxies.  You will be able to obtain their deep rooted power and magic.  In terms of the solar system, the Earth is relatively new, so chances are this will be the most humbling magical experience you will have, considering its paranormal and otherworldly, just make sure you use it responsibly.