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I've never been spelunking or diving in Mexico before, but if I had I can pretty much guarantee you that it wouldn't be a half mile into an underwater cave.  I like extreme things, but that seems a little bit too extreme for me.  I'm thankful that somebody did it, though.  Those somebodies are two explorers that decided one day that they were going to going swimming in caves I guess.  I'm not really sure who they are to be honest with you.  What I do know is if it weren't for them, the piece that I'm about to offer you would be possible, because it was there discover that made this piece possible.  The reason I say that is because they are the pair that found the adolescent girl in the underwater cave. 

The girl herself, scientists say, is between twelve and thirteen thousand years old.  If this dating is right, that makes her the oldest skeletal structure to have ever been found in the Americas.  She has the craniofacial features of a Paleoamerican but the mitochondrial DNA of later Americans, suggesting an evolution of 9,000 years.  This is a very long time in terms of humankind in general, but is the moss time in America, period.  Scientists are still working on trying to determine which clan of people she belonged to, but the features look as though she would have been one of the very first Mayans to scathe the face of what is modern day Mexico.  Neither do they know how the girl ended up so far down beneath that water, in the cave. 

Without giving a whole lot of back detail on this one, I'm going to just jump right into the explanation.  As you all know the early Mayans and even some of the later ones believed in human sacrifice.  The girl that was found in the water was dumped there after such a ritual.  It wasn't death for this girl, though.  It was a metamorphosis, as the process she was going through was an eternal trip to the motherland.  If you know anything about the Mayans, you will know that their mother land is Atlantis.  The same goes with the Egyptians and several other races that exist in the "center" of the Earth.  At the deluge of the continent that was once known as Atlantis, some of the people dispersed into other regions of the world including the Yucatan peninsula.  In event, this girl was not just the ancient beginnings of the Mayan race.  She was also the tragic end of the continent known as Atlantis.  Her sacrificial ritual?  It was a ritual to send her spirit back to the home land to exist in full Atlantean form, because as you know these beings are highly spiritual and appear a lot of time in full spiritual form.  She has resided in her home not ever since, not aging one bit, because Atlantis is immortal. 

When the men found the girl in the cave, they found with her a small collection of treasures that was sent to her water grave with her.  They took these pieces with them for the sake that they thought they were treasure.  I guess in some people's minds the would be treasure.  However, it's not necessarily the kind of treasure that everyone want.  If you are like us, you love this kind of treasure which is why we acquired one of these items.  I'm not sure what happened to the rest of them, as we only have this one item.

This item is your ticket into the realm of Atlantis.  It holds all of the girl's energies that the two divers found in Mexico.  This includes the ability to travel to Atlantis in spirit form to see and explore what the realm of Atlantis really looks like.  It is a beautiful place, I've been there a time or two before.  The place literally exists as pure energy and magic, there is nothing but peace and wealth in the whole place.  The beings there are wise and hold an ancient magic and craft that allows them to exist in perfect immortal form.  This piece will allow you travel to that realm spiritually and astrally.  You will able to mimic the beings that you find here to acquire their powers, abilities, understanding, and knowledge.  I can't really say that this piece is going to do this or do that for you.  Atlantean power encompasses so much and there are so many vast types and quantities of powers in Atlantis that you can pretty much use this piece to put together your own palette of magic by choosing whichever you want.