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I have to tell you this is one of my favorites! This kinda came from an investigation but more of a OMG i'm so glad I got to go kinda thing.

This came from a billionaires house in Delaware. He was 80 something years old and doing a clean out.He has traveled all over and bought the weirdest stuff. He even had one of those big trash bins brought in and was throwing out paintings,sterling flatware,all kinds of stuff. The weirder stuff he was selling. I don't know why he was selling it and he didn't tell me. I found out about him during a drive by. I saw all these Mexicans diving into the dumpster and so I did too! Why not? I'm not to proud to get the goods! I got some sterling dinner forks,spoons and a few knives. I also fought one of the Mexicans for one of the paintings but I laid hands first so it was mine.

Anyway I went inside because this one guy said some stuff was being sold. I talked to the old guy and he didn't say why he was selling but did tell me of all his adventures and what he was into. This fish is ancient. I't about 200 plus years old and all hand made. The eyes he told me were made of Persian Tourqoise,the body some type of wood and the mouth I forget what stain or paint it is.

Now this guy was into collecting all kinds of strange and this was one of them. He said when he first got this he was in his 20's and traveling on his parents money for school. He was out of the country and was told this held three types of djinn,one sorcerer and one immortal wizard and one call upon saint,Joan of Arc He didn't believe it but was told what to do and did it.  To use it you only place the incense sticks in it and light them to call on all the entities or just call on one.

Now I have to say this is one of the strangest items due to the collection of power but I swear to GOD to you this man has some weird stuff! He had it all from shrunken heads to tracking devices.

I'm watching Jersey house wives right now and some of them make me so sick. It's Christmas time and they MUST have Rolex and all the rest.  It is disgusting when we have people just trying to eat. I'm getting really sick of these shows. I also saw Flipping Out and I LOVE Jeff becaused I really think he is a good guy. The one episode he did has this woman that is so mean to his dark haired project manager,I forget her name. She is the really funny one. Well this beast of a woman makes fun of her hair,face and everything thing else. I want to run her dumb ass over,I can't stand people like that.  She really treated her like a piece of crap and it shows me that she has to have a power trip because she is worth nothing as a person. Pathetic!

So back to this. The details of the fish.

over 200 years old

holds three types of djinn

one sorcerer

one immortal wizard

Joan of Arc

You use this to call upon them and get what you want. This is extremely powerful,one of a kind!