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When I saw this piece, it made me thing... "Wow, what a classy poodle." I'm not even talking about the kind that are well behaved and don't jump on you when you walk in the house. My poodle isn't one of these, as she gets so emotionally overwhelmed that she pisses on me the moment I walk in the door. Neither is my ex-best friend who stole my car and nearly got me arrested. Nooo... when I look at this piece I think of those classes thoroughbred Poodles from competitions... the kind that attract the attention of everyone wherever they go. They hold themselves like classy members of society, even though they are dogs.

Which brings me to my next point. Most of the women in the town where I'm from are dogs. They go to wal-mart in there pajama pants and make a living off of sitting on welfare and collecting social security checks for their kids who have nothing wrong with them other than the fact that their single mother who has five different children from four different guys is a lazy bum.

Then, I thought to myself... "What if I could make all the dog women in Lebanon into thoroughbred poodles." I called up Grizzelle and she helped me make this transformation piece. If you would like to have the mannerisms of a perfect lady, or if you are stuck in rut that you feel you can't get out of, this piece is perfect for you. You see, we used a little bit of Deedee's brain power during the making of this piece, because she attended extensive etiquette school where she learned how to behave. Or, if you know somebody who is having this problem, you can give this piece to them as a gift. Maybe they will wear it and wake up one day and realize, "I shouldn't be acting like this."

Either way this piece is a complete transformation. It will take you from social zero to social hero!! No longer will you basque in your walmart, pajama panted glory!! You will be a real lady now... or the one you bought this piece for. It's up to you.