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This piece is amazing.  It holds a power that will demand a verdict on whether or not the Illuminati is actually in control of the world as we know.  There is no questioning that the Illuminati exist.  In today's society, there are those who are labelled, "conspiracy theorists."  These are people who see the answers for what they are and call people of power out on them.  They are a threat to society.  This is why Jesse Ventura's show was taken off the air.  It is also why Breitbart was murdered in cold blood, while the machine Illuminati machine made it look like a heart attack.  I'm not saying that I entirely blame the Illuminati for their actions.  What they do is heinous, I will agree with that.  With that being said, there has to be an order to society, the "haves" and the "have nots", if you will.  The Illuminati holds the magic, the masses don't have the magic, and all of us want the magic. 
This piece was made during an investigation we were on in Egypt.  Using the help of Egyptian sorcerer who lives in modern day Giza, we were able to conjure the presence of AleisterCrowley.  He was all busy being an ascended master somewhere in another realm, but we gotahold of him nonetheless.  We began to ask him questions, but he didn't really want to be bother.  That is why he gave us this ring.  Inside this ring is the spirit of Aiwass, the one who visited Crowley in visions to give him the ancient code of magic.  It is one of the most eye opening pieces that you will ever experience, and this is because it holds a decoding power that gets straight to the point.  This piece doesn't just give you the power to use, but it gives you the knowledge behind the "Whys".  If you are like me, then you are very inquisitive.  You don't just do things, but you want to know why you are doing them.  This piece holds all-- and I literally mean all-- the knowledge that there is to know about ancient Egyptian magic.  
Ever wonder to yourself why the pyramids are such a big deal?  Okay, so there are some gigantic structures built in the desert.  People don't understand them, so they go ape-shit over them.  However, did you know that the accuracy with which these pyramids were built hasn't been able to be replicated to this day?  There is not a crane in the world that has been proven to be efficient enough to carry out the operations of something that was built on manual labor alone, well before the days of electricity; or so it is assumed.  This is because they were built with a divine presence.  This is a divine code that was given to the ancients by the aliens-- or angels-- whatever you want to call them, that visited the the Egyptians in ancient times.  The pyramids were built in a divine proportion using the sacred geometry that combine the numbers three and four to equal seven.
In all things sacred, three has always been a magical number.  A triangle has three sides; as such it represents the number three.  These are the three principal deities of Egyptian magic.  Each deity corresponds to a different part of the triangle.  Osiris is the base of all Egyptian magic and corresponds to the base.  Isis is the mother of all Egyptian magic and corresponds to the upright part of the triangle.  Horus, the ancient Egyptian "son of Man," corresponds to the hypotenuse of the triangle, which is the longest part that joins the other to together.  This creates a sealed number three.  In metaphysical terms, our created reality is represent by the number four.  This is the current dimension that we live in-- the three dimensional realm that you experience everyday.  When added to the divine Egyptian number three, it equals seven.  Seven is the number that has been associated with perfection from day one.  It is the mystical number that represents mankind's connection to the divine.  Seven appears everywhere in our world.  The letter "G" is the seventh letter of the alphabet and appears on the Masonic compass.  There are seven days of the week, deadly sins, levels of Hell and Heaven, and colors in the rainbow.  It took God seven days to create the Earth.  In Hindu religion there are seven chakras.  There are seven Buddhist steps.  There are seven notes in a musical scales.  Don't even get me started on the "seven planet theory."  
So, here we our in our world which is represented by the number four. There are Isis and Osiris, who pretty much are the parents of all Egyptian magic.  Then there is the seventh factor, which is Horus, who is the bringer of magic to man.  This makes sense because is the last part of the triangle and the final step of the equation.  What does this have to do with Aiwass?  Well, when translated back to original Egyptian roots, the word Aiwass can be translated as the world Horus.  Horus manifested himself to Aleister Crowley a Aiwass, because this the form that AleisterCrowley could most relate to.  Besides, how many "nowadays" people would believe him if he said that he has seen a vision of Horus?  He'd probably be thrown in the nut ward.  However, give someone a different name and let them return and it's like icing on the cake.  Therefore, the correlation between what I have told you and Aiwass is that Aiwass and Horus are one in the same; two different names for the same person.
Now onto the Pyramid thing.  It takes four sets of triangles to make a pyramid.  Thus, three plus four equals seven.  This is because the pyramids are designed as vessels to exist on this world that hold all of the powers of the divine.  They are Aiwass' medium for the mortal plane.  It is through these pyramids (three of them, I might add in the existence we know as four) that one gain entrance to a metaphysical realm call the Realm of Pyramids.  It creates a loophole in existence that allows the person who has figured out sacred geometry to travel to the Realm of Pyramids.  In this realm are limitless amounts of living, breathing pyramid forms.  They move about and do their own thing.  I'm not saying you can talk to them, but they aren't fixed in place like the ones on Earth.  They actually move.  Each pyramids represents a different ancient Egyptian powers. In traveling there, I have been able to witness these living, breathing pyramids.  The power comes from the brain of each pyramid, which is what stores the power.  Each time there is a new power created, a new pyramid is born.  The brains of these pyramids are their capstones, which when touched bleed knowledge into your core, making it part of you.  
The ring?  Well, the ring the presence of Aiwass, who is Horus, remember?  The ring once belonged to Aleister Crowley, but not any more.  He gave Aiwass to us.  Aiwass will give you the rare opportunity to pass through his portal that is created by the pyramids here on Earth.  You can only do this in Ethereal form, so basically what will happen is your soul will be taken out of your body and put into astral travel.
Aiwass will then act like a Garmin and give you step-by-step instructions.  He will be your personal guide in helping you get to the Realm of Pyramids. Once there, you can experience the realm for yourself.  There isn't much more I can say about it, you just have to experience it for yourself.  What I can tell you is that when you're in the Realm of Pyramids, you can search through the entities to find any power that you choose to obtain.  Again, these powers are all kept in the brains of the pyramids that live in this realm.  You can call out to a pyramid with a specific power that you want.  In doing this, you will create a psychic bond between that pyramid and yourself.  You will then be led to it and it to you.  All you have to do is lay your hand on the capstone of the pyramid, and its magic will be bled in your energy fields.  Don't worry, these pyramids are five to six feet in height, so you don't have to worry about being too short.  The brain comprises about one-third of the pyramid itself, so you ill be able to reach even you are a munchkin.  You can lay your hands onto the brains of any pyramid you want, as many times as you want.  There is no limit on how many times you can use your piece.  It is literally that fulfillment of magic in true knowledge form, that will bring you anything that you want.  Aiwass guides you there and he will guide you home.  You have nothing to worry about, because it is His realm.