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We are constantly getting pieces that we have to test.  It's the nature of the business.  There's now way that we could possibly offer our products as legitimate items if we hadn't tested them.  We aren't in the market of scamming people.  We believe in Karma and what goes around comes around.  This is why we were testing this piece in the first place.  By "this piece" I mean the piece that allowed us to travel to Heaven.  I think it was called Windows to God or something like that.  We haven't listed it yet, so if you are interested, let us know.  However, that is not what this listing is about.  Windows to God is a piece that creates a loophole in existence that allowed us to travel to Heaven in the first place.  Then, when we were there, that is when we came across the power that allows us to make these pieces.  
The scene of Heaven that we arrived upon was grandiose to say the least.  Then again, when visiting Heaven, it is always a grandiose occasion.  This is because Heaven contains so much more than what the mere human brain can even begin to comprehend.  We have traveled to Heaven numerous times for different purposes.  This particular time is was solely to see if the Windows to God piece works-- and it does.  However, we also discovered a place on this journey that we had never come across before.  Then it clicked in our brain and things began to makes sense for us.  This is because we came across an ancient, what I am going to call chamber.  I use the term chamber loosely because in all honestly, I'm not sure what to call it.  It was called the Ark of Heaven.  
The Ark of Heaven is built entirely of gold and profound displays gems and precious stones of all types including rubies, diamonds, jade, sapphire, emeralds, etc.  It has got to be one of the most beautiful constructions that I have ever experienced in Heaven.  The only thing that I think surpasses this is the crystal pyramids.  In each of the four corners of the chamber, are very large elaborately decorated cherubs.  I would say they shoot all the way to the Heavens, but I was already there.  Touche... I know.  They are carved from marble that sparkles like the stars.  They have green diamonds for eyes that twinkle with knowledge.  It is very humbling to encounter.  
On the inside, there are kept hundreds of holy relics of God.  They aren't even ones that you or I would have heard about.  This is because the relics in the Ark of Heaven are all originals.  They are piece that have been used for their majestic powers years before we were ever a twinkle in our celestial father's eye.  Using our Windows to God piece, we were able to gain entrance into Ark of Heaven.  There were so many cool and unusual things there that you would seriously have to experience it yourself to gain proper appreciation.  It is nothing that I can possibly begin to put into mortal terms for you.  There are powers that don't even have names.  They don't really constitute words, but a type of feeling.  The closest I can get to describing this feeling is complacent and awe-struck.  
We traveled through the Ark of Heaven appreciating all of the many powers and magic that we experienced there.  The Ark really tells a story about Heaven.  It gives a full knowledge of God and the mysteries of the universe such as, "If God made us, where did God come?"  It gives a point to existence and simply walking into the Ark will fulfill those curiosities for you.  The artifact that stuck out the most to us, simply because we were not aware such an artifact existed, is what we are calling the Book of Angels.  Just like in the End Time, Jesus will have a Book of Names, God has what is called the Book of Angels.  It has listed every angel that was ever created by the hands of God.  It is constantly updating itself to accommodate any new angels that God might create, so this book is almost like an immortal being that has continued to grow and will continue to grow.
Again, we were so awe-struck by this whole occurrence that we were given permission to bring the Book of Angels back to the mortal realm.  Let me tell you, it would be extremely challenging to find something that gave off such a radiant form of white magic as this book.  It is like a Book of Life, but for Angels.  Using this book and our own ability to spell-cast, we have been making pieces using this book.  It turns out that we can using our spell-casting book to attach any archangel to any piece.  This is the first time this ability is getting listed to the website, but we have been doing this offline for people for a little while.  We wanted to do a test run with it.  Turns out that this test run went extreme well that we are now offering this service to any customer.
With the Book of Angels, we will have the ability to spell-cast any archangel into any piece.  Why would you want one of these?  First and foremost is protection.  A piece with an angel of such epic proportion will bring you divine protection from darkness, evil, and anything that wants to hurt you in general.  Second, is because these angels have all been imbued with the wealth-- the EXTREME WEALTH-- of the Ark of Heaven.  As such, when you wear your piece to summon your angel, it will create wealth that will attach itself to you in such a way that your financial situation will be catapulted into wild success!!  Lastly, each archangel has a special power or powers that he has been given by God.  When you summon your angel using your spell-cast piece, you then gain whatever ability the angel has.  This is where you have to do your homework.  This is because you will have to let us know which angel you want spell-cast into your piece, that was we can make your piece for you.  Pick an angel whose powers you want and then this is the power you will receive.  As a matter of fact, you can pick up to three angels for each piece.  This gives you three separate powers in addition to what each piece already does for you-- protection and wealth.  If you want more than three angels, you will have to buy more than one item.  Don't wait around on this either, because our time with the Book of Angels is on borrowed time and God could appear to us at any time to take it back to his Ark, where it technically belongs.