Springfield NJ,1966
Springfield NJ,1966

Springfield NJ,1966

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Springfield NJ used to be a normal place. It was just a small town in NJ where most people knew each other. In 1966 all that changed when a very corrupt little man decided to join the Greater Underground Church of Satan. In that moment he pledged to offer Satanic blood sacrifice in order to gain all that he wanted for himself AND ALL those that lived in town. He wanted a town of revolving magical interest,this is what he called it. Technically no such thing would exist in theses terms.
What really happened is the town now holds what everone in it wants,as long as a sacrifice happens. One of the first ones that took place hit the news and then 2 weeks later NO ONE would even speak of it. No police,no citizen,no one! By that time everyone knew what was going on,they knew what would happen if they did.  It is not that they would get killed or die,no,it was that they would no longer get what they wanted so it was a greed thing.
The bottom line is not everyone participates in the killing but all get the benefits. All the people get what they want and the items or situations work forever or eternity,however you want to say it. The problem is that no one knows what anyone else is asking for. So if someone dies you get the items but you have no clue what they do.
We have a few of those items we had to test these forever simply because we had no idea what we were doing. Then I pulled out an item I used to get psychic touch and that is how we figured them all out before we tested them. Thank God we had that item or in all honesty they would still be sitting in a box in my office for the next few years.
I'm offering two of the wealth items for now because the other items I'm using. What I also have is an item that stops aging completely. I have one that heals the bones,I'm using that now because I broke my foot in Montauk 2. I have a negativity removal piece that works on people you need to rid that bad energy from. I have a personal Arch Angel and a few other things that this one lady collected. 
How we got these items and why we got them is a private matter but trust me I will never be able to get more,or at least I doubt that I will.