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This piece was won at one of the secret auctions that we go to from time to time.  They are by invite only and they have the most powerful piece that you will ever experience.  This piece, for instance, is Earth shattering and will give you answers to one of time's most curious unsolved mysteries.  It will give you all the answers surrounding the mysterious identity of the Isdal Woman.  "Officials" think that they have cracked this case, but I can assure what they think they know and what actually is the case are two separate realities altogether. 
To begin with, the remains of the Isdal woman were found by a professor and his daughters while they were hiking in Death Valley in Bergen, Norway.  She was found with an over abundance of prescription pills, a few bottles and liquor, and her clothes from which all the tags had been removed.  The doctor's name had been removed from all her medicine bottles.  Her fingerprints were sanded off and the only thing they could tell via her autopsy is that she had received dental work in Latin America.  Later, the police linked her suitcases at a train station.  Despite what they think they have uncovered, the essentially still know nothing.  They decrypted a few entries in a diary, giving account of the woman's travels.  Big deal.  In all actuality they know nothing.
The truth behind the Isdal woman is that she is actually an oracle who was created by the Russian government for the purpose of espionage on the United States of America.  She did this during the days of the Cold War.  When the Russian government refused to pay her to threatened to turn heel.  they did what they thought they had to do in order to "take care" of her.  Little did they know that they had been beaten at their own game-- even worse than the Umbrella Corporation when they created Alice.  They didn't realize how powerful they made her.  The Russian government had attempted to make her death look like a suicide, but they didn't do a very good job, considering there were considerable sign-s of blunt force drama.  
The Isdal woman didn't exactly die when she was killed.  Instead, she experienced a metamorphosis through which she was transfigured into a metaform.  As a metaform she could exist in a metaphysical form, with the ability to possess the bodies of the living to become reincarnated on Earth.  She returned to the Earth in many different forms to sabotage the Russian government.  Through existing as several key players of the fall of the Soviet Union, she was able to single-handedly cause their demise.  Moral of the story??  You don't bite the hand that feeds you.  She was once a human before she was created by the Russian government as an espionage prototype, so they should have known better than to double-cross her.  Examples of the powers that they have set into her include time travel, astral travel, sorcery, and alchemy.  She obtained her metamorphosis through the powers of alchemy that they Russians had given her, which allowed her to change her form into anything that she wanted to.  In this case she came back stronger than ever and kicked some butt.  
This piece is very powerful, because once the Isdal woman, who we are calling the Isdal Oracle, ascended into the metaphysical realms, she was given the ability to see into the future and accurately predict the coming of times.  This is how she was able to tell which of her actions would hurt the Russian government the most.  Then, she set the ball rolling on those plans.  The piece you you are getting conjures the presence of the Isdal Oracle, who will show herself to you in full form when you use this piece.  You will be give all of her powers, beginning with time-travel, which is pretty self-explanatory.  You will be able to travel anywhere in time.  The sorcery that she was given would allow her to create any power that she would ever have a need for.  As such, you will also gain this power.  
Her alchemy was used in a couple of ways.  First, she could use her alchemy to shift into any form that wanted to.  You will gain this ability.  Once she became a metaform, she was able to use her powers of alchemy and sorcery combined to manipulate the outcome of the future.  She could fine tune any person's destiny simply by using the power in conjunction with her ability to see the future.  This meant that she could personalize the destiny of any person.  Not only do you gain her prophetic powers with this piece, but you will gain the ability to fine-tune and customize your own destiny.  In summoning the oracle metaform, you will be able to tell her how you would like her to tweak your destiny and she will gladly do this for you.  You can create anything for your future such as wealth, love, control what your career will be, when you will get married, how many kids you will have, whether or not you'll be famous, etc.  It's a very open-ended piece, just don't forget about the other powers as well.  You're going to live this one!