True Vision of the Magdalene,ONE OF A KIND,IN BLOOD
True Vision of the Magdalene,ONE OF A KIND,IN BLOOD
True Vision of the Magdalene,ONE OF A KIND,IN BLOOD

True Vision of the Magdalene,ONE OF A KIND,IN BLOOD

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With this item I want you to remember one thing.  The Bible, more specifically the King James version of the Bible, is not the beginning and the end.  It was crafted by  King James and his cronies at the Council of Trent.  Their purposes were political and they were not inhabited by the Holy Spirit during the drafting of the Bible as society has come to accept it.  Some people will believe what I am saying, other people will think that it's rubbish.  It doesn't really matter, because what I am telling you is the truth.  It's historical fact, you can look it up.  Besides, you guys should know by now that I wouldn't lie to you.  

This piece is the testament of the Bloodline of Christ via a woman known as Mary Magdalene.  The Bible would have you believe that Mary Magdalene, simply known as the Magdalene, was a common whore.  Other accounts will tell you that , yes, the Magdalene was a whore; however,  She wasn't as common as one might suppose.  It is the Magdalene who was pre-destined to be the vessel of the bloodline of Christ.  Like it or not, she was the secret consort of Christ.  She was three months pregnant at the time of the Crucifixion and she alone holds the bloodline of Christ because she is the only one that He consummated.  

After the Crucifixion the Magdalene stole away to France, where she began a new life with a cult following devoted to the Bloodline of Christ and the magic and power that lies within.  After generations of intermingling with others that weren't of the deified bloodline, the descendants of the Magdalene figured out a way to revamp and reinvigorate the immediate family of the bloodline.  It involves chipping away a piece of bone from the corpse of the most previously deceased member of the Blood Line and carving a living image of Mary Magdalene into the bone.  It was then divined with a white light necromancy similar to the one that raised others from the dead such as the Widow of Zaraphath's son, Lazarus, or even Jesus himself.  The relic proved to resound the power of the Blood Line as if it was the original son of Jesus.

This item is one of the item's that have been made by the still-practicing Cult of the Magdalene, which is what the people of the bloodline have chose to call themselves.  Don't worry about the word "cult", I know that it sometimes carries a negative connotation, but TRUST ME... this power is ANYTHING BUT NEGATIVE!!  In fact, it is just the opposite.  The relic itself is made from the bone of a real descendent of Christ-- a member of his direct bloodline.  It has been placed into this locket/pin which is made out of Sterling Silver.  The picture of the Magdalene is made to the exact specifications of what she actually looked like during her lifetime. It is crafted, again, out of REAL human bone!  

This item summons the Magdalene for you.  She will appear to you in spirit form, because this piece raises her soul.  She will come to you, bringing you divine intervention and guiding your life down the path of Divine Destiny.  She will pave your path with blessings of white power bringing you luck, success, and wealth in all that you do.  Feel lucky, because this is the road that usually only God's Chose One's or To-Be Saints are allowed to travel.

Additionally, this piece will bring you a power called White Light Sorcery.  I'm sure you've read the Bible.  You know that Jesus, His disciples, and the Prophets of God were all highly spiritual and highly magical people.  Examples of this power are included in the Bible and include raising the dead, healing the sick, full psychic faculty to see into other realms including all the realms of Heaven and Hell, the ability to summon the power of angels and Heavenly hosts, and the ability receive visions from God, the Holy Ghost.  Oh, and don't forget the ability of mediumship, such as when Moses heard God from a burning bush!  These are just some of the powers that are  entailed in White Light Sorcery.  When the Magdalene visits you and gives you visions of her Bloodline, you will be given the ability of White Light Sorcery, as it was given to Jesus on the day of the Immaculate Conception and his divine son travelled from the realm of Heaven to Earth.  

You will also be given a white light protection, such as was given to Jonah when God kept him safe in the belly of the whale, or to Daniel when the King threw him into the Lion's den.  The Magdalene will give you a legion of angels that will protect you from any type of infliction of darkness or evil that you can imagine including dark spells, besieging by demons, negative thought forms, etc.  

As you can see, this piece is deeply involved and is EXTREMELY powerful.  There may be imitators, they hold no power.  They may hold white light protection, but nothing will ever come close to being as powerful as this piece is.  This piece is basically one of a kind, because it the only one that has been released to the public, albeit secretly.  You will NOT find another piece that parallels what we are offering.  Oh, and you don't have to worry about the bone.  It cannot decay, because it has been preserved just like a Saints body is preserved when they die.  If you have even an inkling of interest in this item, act on it.  If you're reading this and this item is STILL in stock, it won't be for long.  It can and WILL change your life!