Casefile: All the Lion's Wealth
Casefile: All the Lion's Wealth
Casefile: All the Lion's Wealth

Casefile: All the Lion's Wealth

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Close your eyes for a second.  Now thing of the wealthiest man in the world.  If you are like most people, you probably-- almost immediately-- thought of Bill Gates.  In 2013 alone, Bill Gates' estimated net worth was an astonishing $67 Billion.  Impressive right?  I think so.  Well, there are people who make Billy look like a mere pauper... or should I say there have been people in history that make him look like a pauper.  Of course, the person who I am speaking of is no longer alive in the mortal realms and hasn't been for a very long time.  Rather, he prefers to control things from behind the scenes now, retreating to a realm in one of the Seven Skies, in a realm of wealth that was created specifically for the purpose of storing his wealth powers to bestowed upon people as blessings.  

I'm sure you haven't figured out who I am talking about quite yet, so allow me to introduce you toMusa I.  Musa was the Mansa of the Mali Empire.  At the time of Mansa Musa's rise to the throne, the Malian Empire consisted of the lands formerly belonging to the Ghana Empire and Melle and the immediate surroundings of both kingdoms.  He was called Mansa, as all rulers of Mali customarily were, which means King of Kings.  He went by many other names as well, including my favorite, the Lion of Mali.  He was fierce and cunning, but wise and wealthy.  As ruler of Mali he would amass and astounding $300 Billion net worth, which allows him to hold the record for richest man of ALL TIMES.  Nobody has yet to be richer.  

The obvious question, then, is how did he amass such wealth.  Well, here's where things get interesting.  I was holding a testing session with the mystery piece that was given to Deedee and I a while back.  As I never am, I wasn't sure where I was going to go.  Usually when I use this piece I am pulled by an entity either in one direction or another.  It's literally a supernatural roller coaster ride, if you will.  This particular time, I was taken to a desert, where I was literally watching over a Muslim man of smaller stature.

As I watched the little man, he kept walking but began singing a song of sorts in a language which I could not understand at all.  As I listened, I began to develop a psychic connection with the young man as he walked along, singing his song. The song he sang was praises to Allah and I was able to psychically know that he was on a Pilgrimage to Mecca.  I continued to watch him wondering what the heck this was all about-- why I was pulled out into the middle of an arid land towatch a teenager make a journey to Mecca was far and beyond me.

Just when I began to think that somebody was really screwing with me, I saw thunderclouds rise up from the East.  The storm developed out of nowhere as the sky turned pitch black and lightning began to flash.  I could psychically feel that the young man was scared as wind began to whip around his face, blowing his hair backwards.  Then, the strangest thing happened.  In the center of the storm came a calm and a bright, ivory staircase.  Wasting no time, the boy ascended the staircase.  As I watched him ascend, he climbed the staircase to the Seven Skies of Jannah.  

Safely, off the ground, the young pilgrim stepped into the realm of Jannah, where I watched as he was given a complete spiritual transformation.  He turned a blue-purple hue as his true spiritual self began to take form.  He was greeted by a keeper of the gates.  He disappeared beyond the gates, which I'm assuming was the entrance to the chamber where Allah existed.  I don't know I wasn't allowed to see.  All I know is that at this precise moment I was fast forwarded to see this boy that had developed into a man.  I knew immediately that they were the same person.  

The boy spoke to me this time, as if we had been old friend explaining to me who he was.  He was the Lion of Mali-- the same Musa I that I discussed earlier.  He explained to me that during my vision, I was watching as his life was intercepted by Allah, during which he was taken to the realm of the Seven Skies and given a wealth power to transform his life.  All this happened as a reward for being a pious man in the eyes of Allah.  Allah had given him a band of wealth djinn to seek out wealth for Lion.  The band of djinn subsequently made the Lion the most wealthy man to have ever lived.  This is not where the story stops.  

Musa, the Lion, now is a realm of the Seven Skies, where he does the same thing for people.  He has given me this item which contains a band of wealth djinn.  There seven of the wealth djinn in this item, because seven is the divine, holy number.  They will create a circle around you that will act as a vortex that will suck wealth from where it is at and bring it to you.  Additionally, these wealth djinn crave nothing more than to see wealth powers and energy and bring it back to you.  With this item, the djinn will act like anteaters, turning over rocks and searching in even the most desolate and barren places to suck wealth up and bring it to you.  This is an extreme wealth piece, so whomever buys it should get ready for a complete wealth transformation, because with the magnitude of these djinn powers, it will be WELL on its way!!  


This ring is sterling silver WITH A GORGEOUS PINK MIRROR LIKE STONE