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Egyptians flooded the aspect of the heart being the source of life as a relevant magnum of power that transferred over, even in death.

It was crucial that the heart be preserved in the tomb after someone had died... this was to allow the functions of the emotions to resonate upon those still living!

The actual functions of the heart do not impede your emotions, however the energies from the strength and power in your controlling life center will pertain the facets of the emotions for several hours beyond death.

This is why the Egyptians wanted to make sure it was well preserved to try and pull and unify the elements of the energies from the person's heart.

These pieces hold the energies that were pulled centuries ago from Royal Egyptian Princes and Princesses as they passed.

Through testing we discovered that these hold the invoked energies of immense passion, love and lust.

Being of Royalty their every need and desire was fulfilled, so the focus was on their intense emotional stature... as that is one thing that wealth could not bring them... true love and happiness.

Having time to court and find a suitable mate made their love strong, as they did not have to randomly hope to meet someone at a club, bar or out in the public somewhere.... they were able to call upon who they found attractive physically and then test the nature of their spirit~

The items now will elevate this power to you -- allowing their imperial energies and emotions from their hearts to radiate a grand sense upon you... this will bring the viable source of power to unify your personal energies with the Royals energies which in turn will access the reactionary sense to note if someone is playing games, or not worth dating from the start.

Do not waste your time with someone who is putting on a show -- and get your heart broken and become an emotional wreck -- protect your heart with the power of their obscurities ~!!

This is great for someone who has had issues picking the wrong person and feeling like their life is passing them by and they just want to be happy -- this is awesome for helping you find the perfect mate~!