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This is Nicnevin a witch from Scotland that is very powerful. I would say was as she was born so long ago but to be truthful she has never gone. She is what you would call a peak spirit. This means that at certain times she is at her most powerful. Her date is October 31st on Halloween.

What she is in is a bracelet. This has an opening,vessel that allows you to place grave dirt inside which is what she wants. Her most powerful time is Halloween but she can be used at anytime if you know how to do it.

To activate her and get what you want which has no limits you only need to get some grave dirt and a calendar. You take the dirt,place the bracelet on the date of the 31st and then place the dirt in the vessel. As you place the dirt inside you are telling her exactly what you want. It does not matter if you spill some,it is really the act of giving her an offering from where she wants it to come from.

This item has been tested over 20 times,more like 36 times to be exact. Here is what we saw.

Out of the 36 people that tried this more then half we non believers. Out of the non believers 5 people saw her stand before them. ALL got what they asked for.

The believers who saw her was about the same so there is no discrimination on that end. We can say that we had 100 percent success on this piece!