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This is Abatan who is mostly represented in a piece of Coral. This piece here is well over a 100 years old and the power and energy is felt as it hits your hand,never mind the craftsmanship of how things were made back then.

This piece belonged to Aristotle Socrates Onassis Grandmother. If you don't know who they are they are some very wealthy,sick wealthy people! This is the man that Jackie O married after Kennedy was killed. We got this from an older woman who lived in Mass. We met her when we went up to see the demonologist,( what a bust that was!)

The lady we met with was a friend of Jackie O,a very close friend but one that she did not step out with because of the difference in status. Once she gained her status she was seen with her many times in town.

Now you may ask why do I have it? It is very simple. She had called before we went to see the un-named demonologist who is a very nice lady but her son in law is something else. We won't get it into it. Bottom line is there is a fine line between fame,ego,greediness and tossing out what you were meant to do! It was sad to see what happened to a very well intentioned set of people once greed set in!

Anyway after our meeting we met with this lady and she told me her entire story and how she went from poor to wealthy. She said she was all happy but that she did have other problems that she could not get rid of. I asked her and she told me that for the last two years she had been attacked by a demon. She said she contacted someone ( we won't name them) and that they were all about the money and would not help them! She said money meant nothing if she could not have happiness. Now at this time she had NOT told me about her friend Jackie O or the wealth piece she gave her.

So we get to talking and we decide okay we are going to help her now because one we were there already and two the demon showed himself to me and DARED me to rid him!! I thought you know what, this takes some serious balls and I'm just not afraid of them! Screw them as they are dirt and will eventually rot in hell with Michelle Williams from Black Power radio who wants to kill all white babies and Jews. Yeah,you have got to look that up!!! OMG if I did a radio show calling for the killing of all blacks and Jews I would be in cuffs right now!! I think we need to lock this water buffalo up before she kills a bunch of people. I feel so bad for the black people that are being embarrassed by her. Personally I think she needs to die,natural causes of course or maybe a little black magic. Now that is what I use black magic for! If your trying to kill a bunch of people of any race,let us rise up,and exterminate you,you water buffalo with your big hanging lips that drag to your ass! OMG I'm in a mood today! Bitches!!! Okay so anyway I'm a non violent person but she really needs to be exterminated and no one will say it because OMG it's so not politically correct,screw that!!! She is telling black people to kill white people and Jews,to go into hospitals and to smash the heads in of all white babies! You people better get it together and know what is going on!

Okay now that I'm done with all that....

Sorry about that I'm so mad that Odumbo picks and decides who gets prosecuted and who walks. This water buffalo needs to be in jail,these are terrorist threats and they must be taken seriously!

Okay NOW,I'm done!

So we rid the demon of the horror that was causing this older lady pain. In return she asked if I did that all the time and I said no it all depends on what is going on. She said you know,I'm old and I had a good life,use this piece for your business so you may help others and that is how we got it. Once you use it you never need to use it again.

Now all about Abatan. Abatan is a spirit that all she does is accumulate wealth for you. She likes to sit on a little cloth of Coral color or Pink. Abatan is trained!!! She is used to working with humans and helping them. She unlike Michelle Williams Loves all races.