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Apartment of Arousal

This happened to my friend Nikki in 2009.

Nikki and her husband were renting a small two bedroom apartment in a small town in northern Michigan, when they noticed some odd things occurring.

One day, about two months after they moved in, Nikki noticed a small, child-sized hand print on the wall next to the couch. She immediately grabbed her cleaning supplies and scrubbed it off the wall.

The next day it appeared again. A few days later when she arrived home in the afternoon with her husband they stopped dead in our tracks and saw the word "HELP" on the kitchen wall.

It looked like it was painted into the wall. We assumed that someone was just screwing with us. A few weeks passed with the handprint showing up every few days when things started to get worse... much worse.

One night while Nikki and her husband, Adam, were lying in bed with the door to their room closed they heard the spare bedroom door open and then the sound of two small children running out.

When we got up and checked the door, it was wide open but nothing had been disturbed. Two or three nights later while Nikki was lying in bed, her husband was at work, and she heard tapping at the spare bedroom window.

The tapping turned into the sound of nails running down the glass and the window opening. A few seconds later her door handle started jiggling. She was so terrified that she dropped to the floor and laid there, not moving, until it stopped. She was so scared that even after the handle stopped moving she stayed on the ground until Adam came home from work.

On another evening soon after, they were watching television when the tapping noises started again. This time the door swung wide open in front of them, Adam said it was probably just a draft. (He was trying to ignore what was happening.)

That same night while they were sleeping, Adam abruptly woke up and was very upset. He kept asking Nikki why she was running her fingers down his arm and pulling at his fingers. She had been asleep and the arm and hand that he was feeling this happening on was on the opposite side of her.

A few weeks passed and Nikki was becoming very aggravated, she was spitting out profanities left and right, picking fights with Adam for no reason, sitting in the closet rocking back and forth, an not sleeping very much.

The handprints kept showing, the tapping kept occurring, and the door handles kept jiggling.

One night Nikki woke up with immense pressure on her chest and it felt as if she was being strangled. There were two spots on the bed that looked as if someone was standing over her. She could not breathe and could not scream. It seemed like it lasted an eternity but Adam woke up and turned on the light and it stopped. Later on in the week Adam had a similar experience.

After these continued issues their relationship was on edge -- something was definitely not right, but neither of them were "believers" of the paranormal. They thought they just had lack of sleep and their minds were playing tricks on them.

Until finally when one night when they were lying in bed and all of a sudden the room felt deathly cold. Nikki said that you could see pressure spots on the bed like someone had gotten up on it and was walking to stand over top of Adam.

Adam picked up the bible off the floor and thrust it up into the air and said "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave!" The pressure spots on the bed disappeared.

After that occurrence, they searched for help to bring a house cleansing upon their home. They looked up many agencies and after seeing great reviews, they contacted Deedee and our team at Haunted Curiosities!

We flew to their home and placed items of clarification in each room of the house; we also suggested that they leave the home for 3 days during the coming of age of the spirits as they would react fiercely to the items we placed in the home.

Two days later Nikki and Adam stopped in to get a few things and sat down in the living room looking over some of the papers we had given them. The spare bedroom door was wide open and Nikki was standing in the living room when she suddenly felt sick to her stomach.

She then had an urge that someone was calling to her. When she looked up she could see directly into the spare bedroom. There was a figure there, a tall man in a black cloak. He looked up at Nikki and I was petrified. It had a pale face with red eyes. Then he smiled at her and revealed a row of horribly long, sharp teeth. There was a claw or talon of some sort hanging from a thick chain around his neck.

She screamed for Adam to go shut the door because she felt the man was coming for her. They ran out of the house and Nikki called us immediately.

Deedee, Steve and I went back to the house after the full 3 day period and retrieved the items of clearance that we had placed throughout the home.

The pieces were charged with haunting energies. After we collected all the items Nikki and Adam moved back into the home and have been free of despair.

We have the charged pieces and they hold a family of verified vampires --- there are 2 incubus and 3 succubus spirits that were collected.

The family lived in the home back in the 1800's and were attacked and changed by a vampire; their bodies were massacred and buried in the walls of the home.

In 1991 the home was renovated into 4 apartments, during the renovation the bones were disrupted; this caused the spirits to rage out in their new decree to use their bitten powers.

Captured now in the items you see below, you will retrieve the powers of the Santiago family; simply state if you desire an incubus or a succubus?! The Succubus will rapture and seduce men to promote key areas of sexual depiction and arousal... this will assist in having extremely satisfying orgasms, she will conform in your mind while sleeping to bring forth release of sexual tension.

The Incubus will ravish women, or men and at any given time. This male counterpart will take control of your energies to unite phenomena within your body; this is like having a dominant mate that wants constant attention. If you are lacking sexual lust from your partner, then you definitely want an Incubus!

These spirited sexually endowed members are fascinating and were enjoyed by all of the testers!

The sexual nature was marking the territory of the house that Nikki and Adam shared; the family was fighting over who got to ravish the humans. Nikki and Adam were in the midst of immense power that was making it a fearful place to be --- but now that each spirit is separately contained you will gain amazing energies of sexual delight when you bond with your piece!

This is the answer to your need for stress relief in your loins -- open up your state of arousal and allow your body to feel less strain by bringing in a spirit that will relax your body and energize your soul!