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Shackleton's Survival ---

Ernest Shackleton was an Anglo-Irish explorer who launched the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1914. During the expedition, the ship Endurance became trapped in ice and for ten months drifted until the pressure fo the ice crushed and sank the ship.

Shackleton and his men were stranded on ice floes, where they camped for five months. The men sailed three small lifeboats to Elephant Island, which was uninhabited and provided no hope for rescue.

Shackelton and five others set out to take the crew's rescue into their own hands. In a 22-foot lifeboat, they survived a 17-day, 800 mile journey through the world's worst seas to South Georgia Island, where a whaling station was located.

The six men landed on an uninhabited part of the island, so their last hope was to cross 26 miles of mountains and glaciers to reach the whaling station on the other side. Shackleton and two others made the trek and arrived safely in August 1916, 21 months after their initial departure on the Endurance.

With the help of the Chilean navy and its government, Shackleton returned to rescue the men on Elephant Island. Not even one member of the 28-man crew was lost!!

This story was incredible and inspirational, no one could fathom that the crew could survive for so long in a cold, uninhabited area. Shackleton was interviewed many times after the safe arrival back home, but it wasn't until he was on his deathbed in 1922 that he told the true story of his crews safety net.

He told the story how he met a augurer a week or so before his voyage. The man felt negative energy surrounding him and warned him of the trip. Ernest was not going to allow a magical endower to offset his trip, but he was willing to accept protection amulets for all the members of his crew.

Each piece was instilled with purified energies that enriched their bodies and helped keep them safe. These pieces will correlate with your body and grant the needed effects that will enlighten you. If you are cold, the piece will warm your body... if you are hot, you will be cooled down by the energy. The pieces are what are believed to have maintained the health and safety of the 28 member crew.

There really was no real nutrition and food during this whole endeavor --- the amulets they carried, and wore, gave them the fuel to burn and the will to live!

Several of these pieces had been on display in a traveling museum tour, but after the exhibit was set to close they went up for auction.

We were extremely lucky to get the pieces you see below!

This is your opportunity to own a legendary piece that will help you re-think how you live. You can have more of an adventure, knowing that you have greater access to everything you want and need, whenever you want and need it.

Amazing pieces of protection, purification and paranormal energies ~ they are simply extraordinary!