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Spiritual Culminations from Culmerville

The next piece comes from a place that isn’t too far up the road from where our headquarters is. It’s a place known as the Culmerville Hotel; and ironically you can find it in a town called Culmerville, Pennsylvania. You can find the small town nestled between forestry, somewhere in between Pittsburgh and Dubois, Pennsylvania.

Other than the fact that some rumors have circulated about paranormal goings on in the Culmerville Hotel, probably nobody would even care that Culmerville existed. It’s that quaint; however, since we receive a report from a pretty good source of ours, telling us that this place is a definite must see, we decided to check it out.

I think when we arrived at our destination, we were all pretty thankful that we didn’t get lost somewhere, or stuck, along the way. I mean, this place is out there. We did get there safe, though. We weren’t exactly let into the building but no one was keeping us out either. We found one of the rear doors unlocked and slightly ajar. Clearly this was our invitation to make an appearance… so we stepped right up and got to work.

We swept the whole building, looking for any unwanted stragglers. Ironic, I know, but this is necessary though. We didn’t want anyone disturbing the otherwise unaltered spiritual current that was obviously flowing rampantly through this establishment. If the spiritual energy that hung if the air at the Culmerville Hotel would have been gasoline, I could’ve burnt the whole place down with one single match. I’m telling you, this place is that serious.

After we secured our perimeters, we got to work with the equipment. We found a few spots here and there that we dismissed for this reason or the other. Up on the top the floor of the hotel, however, the tri-field meter that Jason was using began screaming like a crack fiend. Just then, Deedee began seeing flashes of a vision that led us into a room at the far end of the building. I grabbed the video camera, and so the chase began.

We followed Deedee, who was nearly running at this point, down a dark corridor. She burst into a room at the end of the corridor. There was nothing there. We began searching the room… ever crack and crevice. I was by the headboard of an old bedframe that was left behind when a dark shadowy figure began to take full form right in from of me. It held a rather grotesque figure and feeling about it. Definitely not somebody I would have associated with in the human realm… definitely not in the spirit realm. Just as quickly as he appeared, he was sucked, like a vacuum through a crack in the floor board.

By this time the tri-field meter was squelching so out of control I could barely even hear the others when the knelt down behind me. Deedee was saying something to Jason, as he knelt down to put his hands on the floor to use his psychic gift of kinetic touch. He nodded at Deedee, who wasted no time in tearing up the floor boards with a piece of old metal piping that was left in the corner.

Under the crack, where my apparition had disappeared was a shoebox. In the shoebox were old newspaper clippings, some photos, and the piece that you see below. All the spiritual energy that the hotel was withholding seemed to be sourced from this piece, so we helped ourselves to the piece. We took the piece with us. An hour later we came back to the original location and could not find any more reasons to investigate, as the meters and other equipment now picked up absolutely nothing.

During investigation into the piece that included everything from spiritual rituals and séances to using an old-fashioned Ouija Board, we were able to get the answers that we wanted. The “cold” spirit that existed in the hotel before we showed up was the spirit of a man of great power. In fact, he was somewhat of what you could call a modern-day warlock. He was very into the occult and supernatural. He was gaining strength and ability in both the dark and light arts as a mortal.

The Culmerville Hotel would become the resting place of his spirit, because it was his favorite place to stay when he needed privacy to practice his craft. He always stayed at the same place, in the same room. The shoebox that we discovered is all that remains of this lonely, mysterious man. His name is Elliot, and he feels like he has been robbed of his time here on Earth. He died at the age of 33. Other than that there isn’t much known about him, and ironically there isn’t much history that can be found pertaining to the history of the Culmerville Hotel, either.

Either way, the piece that you see below has Elliot’s spirit attached to it. You can use this piece to call upon Elliot’s name, who wants to live his legacy out through you. You will gain all of Elliot’s powers that he had as a mortal and has gain in the spirit realms. Together, you will perfect magic and make your own. You will discover new things and take the potency of the craft you share to all new heights!! He will protect you in the spiritual realm and from attacks by evil entities. It will be your responsibility to protect his prized possession of djinn.

In all the years he stayed he only wished to perfect the various races of Djinn to help him in his magic. These are dual and they are NOT toys. When someone dedicates themselves to this type of magic day in and day out your getting only the best. They have been trained to do as you ask and what you want. These are very old and wise and the vessels are antiques as well.