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Soul Changing Reaction --

One of the strangest features of aging is the dulling of everything. Nothing surprises or intrigues anymore--you age, and you just become more and more jaded, or you lose your mental faculties and don't care to think and feel.

You are told by those who are more spiritually inclined that life has purpose for you, that you are here to learn something. But if this is the case, what's the point? You'd figure you would learn how to enhance the senses or something in this life, not lose the ability or desire to use them.

Feeling things or wanting to feel things and experience new things just becomes too painful, perhaps. But if there was a point to that whole jading process, what could it be?

We learned that this process is a ritual in life that prepares the soul for afterlife.

Many people become depressed, or stagnant when this occurs, but it is a good thing!

It is similar to when women go through menopause--- they experience hot flashes and mood swings.

With this aging implication you become distraught and feel alone and many people become hermit like.

We know that people can relate to this feeling and it does not mean that you are old, it means that you are changing not only physically, but spiritually. It can happen anywhere from your late 20's to your 60's... it is different for everyone.

You will know if you have just been in a slum and feel disconnected, but do not worry because we have items that will help this process and make it less evasive for you and those around you!!

These have been vitalized with Mountain Kein serum that merges with your aura and enters the soul to protect and shield the effects of change that occurs within all of us as we live life.

Never question again why you have been feeling awkward, or just don't know why you are not 100% --- it is most likely correlated to the apocalypse of your soul changing.

We have a variety of pieces that have been invoked with the ability to protect and ease the negative interactions that occur naturally in life.

Once bonded, your item will simply wrap your aura with necromancy that will enter your spirit and bring soothsaying magnetism into your life that will create enrichment for your journey beyond this world!