La poule noire- for women
La poule noire- for women
La poule noire- for women
La poule noire- for women

La poule noire- for women

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La poule noire
Most people read about grimoires and they are like,okay. This is because never have they experienced the power of a true grimoire. I believe the way to fully understand and harness the power of a grimoire is to have it handed to you from a other realm being,or a spirit walker. This is something that already has happened to a French officer who served under Napoleon.
The La poule noire is also known as the Black Pullet also known as the Hen that lays golden eggs. If you can reproduce the power of the Black Pullet then you will have never ending nor fading wealth. Now I don't want to confuse you because you need not think that all this does is wealth,it doesn't. Inside the grimoire is information on so many tremendous supernatural feats and amazing paranormal curiosities that you would wonder where you have been all your life? What have you been studying? 
First I need to tell you how this all came about,not how it was created because I believe that is still unknown. I want to tell you how the power was passed.
When I tell you that I don't know where it came from what I mean is who directly created this. What I do know is that it was the French officer under Napoleon that wrote the version of that time. The officer was attacked by Arab soldiers and his entire unit was slaughtered only he survived. He esacped and an old man too him into a secret room in one of the pyramids and helped him. While he was there which was for a long time, the old guy taught him the magic of the Black Pullet. These teachings were originally in Ptolemy's library and were saved during the burning of it. The Black Pullet teaches how to create magic with in pieces of jewelry,rings,necklaces and even amulets for protection. The one thing this teaches that everyone  was after was the all consuming purity of wealth. 
Purity in wealth means that it comes with no karma and that no one has to die or suffer for you to become wealthy. While there are wealth items that do give you better luck and do see to it that you are always okay,this is not one of them. This piece fully empowers you with wealth that stays with you and you alone. This means that even if you have a family they can become wealthy if you give them money but they can't create it themselves unless you give them this piece.
This piece will also come with one of the 23 teachers that live on the other side. They reside there to teach those who were lucky enough to come along and reach them through one of the magical items. They are workers but they will and can guide you to master the most impressive supernatural powers. That is if you want that. If you don't you will just have the wealth end of it.
To activate your piece your only going to have to give payment to one of the teachers. This is done with a piece of fruit. Yes it is that simple. You see on their realm they can't get it,they can't get any food period. They can't get food because they don't need it and even though they cross over they can't use or touch what is not given to them. Fruit allows them to walk among us if they want to. Fruit is natural,sweet and full of energy and I'm guessing this is why they want and like it. Many times people want to know why such an offering is given to certain spirits and at least you know why on this one.
So for wealth purity and I mean serious wealth then this is your piece. If you want some amazing powers that defy reason then this is for you too. 
Considering that once you are taught you can make your own pieces I do have a few.  With the piece your getting it will do all I spoke about and then some but you will NOT be able to reproduce another piece so if you want two then you will have to buy them.