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We got this piece from a friend of ours who won it at a metaphysical auction.  It was the type that you had to receive an invite to.  We received an invite also, but we couldn't make that one, unfortunately.  We had a separate event to be at that day.  It was a while ago, because the person who originally won this item held onto it for some time.  It wasn't until like three weeks ago that this person called up and told us that he has used this piece for whatever he had wanted to use it for.  He knew that we would be able to find a great home for the piece, so he sent it over to us.  
To answer the question of what type of power you get with this piece, I have to first give you the back story.  At the time of the Great Deluge there were those Atlanteans that knew it was coming.  The Atlantean people were a group of very psychically inclined people.  This is why most of them knew the Great Deluge was coming.  They just didn't know when.  It works kind of the way the Second Coming of Christ works.  We all know its coming and we can speculate, but Jesus will still return like a thief in the night.  Some of the Atlanteans knew that and in order to salvage their own life, the began to look toward the mortal realm.  When they did, they stripped themselves of their mortal body.  They they body-hopped into the body of a mortal, meaning they possessed the mortal.
Less than 1/3 of all Atlanteans, but still a decent number of these beings, left Atlantis and sought out other life forms to exist as.  I guess you would call this a smart move?  I would think so.  When the body they were staying in got old and died, the Atlantean inhabiting this body would simply look for a younger body.  It has been through this cycle that some Atlanteans have been able to-- technically-- maintain their immortality.  The people who have been possessed by the Atlanteans exist all around us.  Let's not even factor in that these Atlanteans have passed on their seed through sexual encounters with human beings.  This has essentially created a species of entities that are half-Atlantean, have human.  Most of them aren't aware of it though.  It's quite a shame. 
Anyway, this piece that was given to us is a magnet power.  This piece will guide the Atlanteans to your body, to allow them to know that they don't have to possess your body, that you are willing to share.  When this happens, you will undergo a slight form of possession called cohabitation.  This means the the Atlantean will still possess your body, but you will be fully aware of its presence and still be in control of your own body.  It just gives them a place to hide their soul and a place to store their knowledge.  This is the part of this piece that is an interesting proposition.  You get to keep your full awareness, while gaining ancient Atlantean knowledge.  
With this piece you will gain a full psychic awakening and spiritual rebirth.  This allows you to enter the realms of Atlantis as they exist today.  It is on our earth, but on a high plain level.  Their existence is an a total of four or five dimensions, versus our three.  There is a ton of power to be had, you just have to search for it.  Most of it is stored in the blue pyramids that you will experience in being able to see into the Realms of Atlantis.   You will also gain whatever powers and abilities of the body-hopper who so happens to co-habitate your body.  For instance, he may be an alchemist or a sorcerer, in which case you will gain the respective powers of transfiguration or creating your own powers.  During the process, you can boot one body-hopper out to gain more powers form another, because once the power is embedded into, you won't get rid of it.  Alternatively, you can also co-habitate with up to 5 body-hoppers at one time.  The more the merrier right?  Well, the possibilities are endless because these beings in need of a permanent body are pretty much everywhere in the astral realms.  You will gain a ton of power form using one of these pieces!!