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This piece is brought to you by an original investigation that we went on a little while back.  I forget exactly when the investigation occurred, but when you are constantly on investigation your days tend to kind of melt together.  I've been working with Deedee for seven years and when I try to take it all in, it still feels like I've only been here for a week or so.  Time flies.  This is why we tell you guys that we are getting to your emails as soon as possible.  We are constantly on investigations, because we don't want to pass up an opportunity to obtain that new item that offers a huge magical breakthrough.  We believe that this investigation has done so.  Just wait until you hear what this piece can do for you.  
There isn't anything more fun than  supernatural pet.  We've had lots of them over the years.  Deedee likes to collect them like she collectors her cats.  If there isn't one for each room of the house then there isn't enough.  Through the years we have had djinn, leprechauns, fairies, gnomes, elves, and even a centaur.  
However, this piece births a type of creature that we have never had as a pet.   We have heard that they are very loyal.  This is especially true for the creature you are about to birth.  I mean, naturally as you are the one bringing it to creation.  How we got this piece isn't that important.  It was made by a warlock who has been very successfully in birthing all types of different entities, creature, humanoids, etc.  There has been only very few beings that he hasn't been able to create.  He has even created a few of his own, which he then named and set forth into the spiritual realms.  This is who made this piece for us.
Specifically, this piece is going to birth a Griffin.  These creatures are among the most majestic creatures in the spiritual realms, because they embody the strongest aspects of mortal animals.  In order to birth your griffin, you are going to have to light three candles.  Space these candles out and connect salt lines to them.  This should form a triangle.  Then place the item inside of the triangle.  Light all three candles and let all three of them burn completely out.  The kind of candles you should be using are taper candles.
Once these candles are burned down, you are going to place a drop of blood inside of the ring.  You will notice that the top of this ring opens.  This is where you are going to place the blood, inside that flap.  You will then wear this piece for seven days straight.  At the end of the seven days is when your griffin should appear to you.  When he first appears to you, you must tell him what his name is.  Up until this point he will not have a name.
With your new griffin, you will please to know, you will gain several different powers.  The wings of the eagle will allow you fly among the spiritual and astral realms, being able to land anywhere you choose to.  The majesty of the lion will bring you royal wealth.  By royal wealth, we are talking about wealth that will rival that of the royals.  You have seen those people.  They are loaded.  You will be too with the wealth power this piece brings you.  You will also be given great courage, which will boost your confidence levels and allow you to accomplish those things in life that you wish to accomplish.  You will become rejuvenated and reinvigorate with life and vitality.  And then there will be your pet griffin, always there to fall back on when you need a power boost.  He may talk to you, he may not.  It depends on the griffin, but if you follow the instructions exactly, chances are there will be a good bonding and lots of communication!  
The building is incredibly spooky and very old.  You can feel the energy of past time radiating from its walls.  You would never guess that the building is used for much of anything, but then again is hasn't for a few decades.  Other than that, there isn't any symbolism of the Freemasons in the building itself.  You have to go into the basement and travel through a hidden corridor before you find the actual meeting chambers.  Here is where you will find all types of formulas and sacred geometry expression written throughout.  It is fascinating, but like I've said, very spooky. 
I guess that it wouldn't be so spooky if the place was still being used and hadn't been abandoned.  We couldn't put our finger on exactly when it came to pass, but there was a mass exodus of the Freemasons somewhere in the time period of a few decades.  They just up and left and we weren't able to determine the reasoning behind it.  This leads us to believe that whatever had happened they didn't want anybody to know about it.  
We were sifting through old artifacts that had been left behind.  I was saying something to Deedee when she looked over at me and told me shut it up.  She always says that to me when I'm talking to much, but this was different.  I could sense an urgency in her voice.  She then asked if I heard something.  I shook my head no, but then again, I rarely hear anything.  She made her way to the corner of the room and kicked at two floorboards, which immediately became loose.  Under the floorboards there was a small jewelry box.  She pulled it out and that is where we found the piece.  
The entity began speaking to her.  His name is Balthazar.  He told her that he had been trapped in the piece, telling us the Masons used to use the power in the ring that he was set into.  This was before they up and disappeared.  He told her that they had summoned him, imprisoned him in this piece and then left him during their exodus.  He has been stuck in this box since then and has been itching to get away.  However, he has been permanently attached to this piece and couldn't leave, because nobody knew of his whereabouts.
The entity in this piece is a white heaven cat.  It is kind of like a sphinx, but the version that lives in Heaven.  They live among the Crystal and White pyramids that are located among the realms of Heaven.  The heaven cat in this piece guides they eye of a white pyramid that exists in a small replica of Heaven. This replica was built by the Freemasons using creation powers they obtained from a 3rd degree mason.  This is a separate realm, but exists within our realm of existence.  It holds an exact replica of everything-- Heaven, Earth, existence, etc.  The eye in this piece allows you to see into this replica, which is fully in sync with actual existence.  As existence changes, so does it.  The eye has been taken from the pyramid to allow the masons to see into this existence, that way they could exist as God exists over actually existence.  In effect, this allows them to place God.  This is what this piece does for you.  
When using this piece, you can travel into a miniature realm.  This realm is the exact replica of existence as it actually exists.  I'm talking right down to the very last minute detail.  It will open your eyes to what it means to exist.  It will give you knowledge of all things.  It will be as if you are watching existence from outside of the box.  This is the same way God watches down over everything.  You will be able to to know all aspects of all things.  You will encounter realms and planes of existence.  You will be able to gain any power you want, because you will be able to tune into and acquire the energies necessary.  You will be able to summon any type of creature or entity, because this piece, again, incorporates ALL of reality.  You can travel into any form of existence, see where they pyramids really have come from, etc.   The destiny of this miniature realm is in your hands, just like the destiny of our own is in God's hands.  You can do with this realm as you please, but the best way to use it is to build wealth of knowledge and magic to use in your mortal life.  Then, when you apart from playing God in this realm, you can really exhibit God powers that you will have brought back with you from the realm.  It will take a little getting used to this piece, because it is going to seem mysterious at first, like a far away place.  Just remember it is the actual existence that you live in, you're just opening your eyes to the truth of it all for the first time!!