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During the riots in Egypt, people were going through some tough times.  The riots were fueled when their president issued a decree that gave himself unlimited power.  It has never been confirmed, but people assume he did this as to steal the wealth of a nation that is already a bit lackluster in the financial department.  Appropriately, the people took to the streets, rioting.  By riot, I mean it was a good old-fashioned riot, complete violence and all.  It eventually ended when oppressive regime in power was toppled.  Then they got a new president and everything was cool.
While the riots were going on, many people worried that the corrupt government was going to try to take their money.  Again, it was tough times.  People began doing what they could to make some extra money on the side.  This is why you didn't see frantic behavior on the news.  They wanted it to be totally silent, so the government couldn't potentially steal this money as well.  It was during this time that we got this piece made for us.  It was made by a novice, but very powerful Egyptian Sorcerer.  I can't tell you that I know where he got his power from directly, but he did tout the fact that he was of the bloodline of Pharaoh Khufu.  
We offered a price to the man, for him to make the piece for us.  He agreed and it was only a matter of a few days before the piece was made.  The piece is a reflection of three of the greatest mysteries in Egyptian culture and in the world.  For once, this is not piece located around the pyramids, despite the pyramid being such a hotbed of metaphysical and supernatural activity.  There are many other things to be celebrated in the Egyptian culture and these are three of these powers.  The three powers are symbolically represented on the this shield pendant.  You will gain all three powers.  They are recorded below.  
1.)  POWER FROM THE SPHINX.  Most of you know what the Sphinx is.  For those of you who don't, it is a giant sculpture of an entity with the head of a man and the body of a cat.  You can google sphinx for pictures.  It's incredible looking.  It makes you think about how the Egyptians would even be able to accomplish this feat in such ancient times.  I have my own theories, but this is not the time to discuss them.  With this piece, you will be able to see through they Eyes of the Sphinx.  This is very exciting because when you look through the Sphinx's eyes, you will be allowed to see into other realms.  You can see into the realm of God.  You can see into the realm of the ancients.  You can see into realms with aliens.  You can see into realms with all types of other beings.  You can watch these realms, just like the Sphinx does.  Then, you will be able to gain any and all of the magic that you encounter while looking through eyes of the Sphinx.  It will be beamed through your brain by way of psychokinesis.  
2.)  WEALTH FROM VALLEY OF THE KINGS.  The Valley of the Kings is where many of the Pharaohs of ancient times have been buried.  Their wealth has been largely been able to be preserved.  This is because of a wealth power the ancient sorcerers put into this location for their kings.  The Pharaoh was considered God manifested on Earth, so if makes good sense that his people would take such good care of him.  This wealth was then curse, so nobody could steal it.  Those treasures that were stolen, I can assure, carry the burden of heavy misfortune.  This piece brings you the ability to acquire the same wealth power that was set into the Valley of the the Kings.  You can amass as much wealth as you'd like, because this power will literally scour the realms to bring you all different forms of wealth.  It will then protect this wealth so that way you never have to part with it-- if you don't want to.  
3.)  KNOWLEDGE OF THE OUROBOROS.  The Ouroboros is the serpent in Egyptian lore that eats his own tail.  This is symbolize that nothing in life really has a beginning or end.  Everything is cycled and recycled.  Each person has experience not one, not two, but many different forms of existence.  To open yourself up with this power is know who you have been the whole way along your journey.  All of your "selves" if you will, are joined into one existence, where you exist as your current form, but as all of your forms all at once.  You will be able know your true soul form, rather than thinking that this form is the end-all-be-all of life.  It simply is not.  The best part about this power is that is will allow you to experience yourself as your old lifeforms.  That means any knowledge, power, skill, abilities, magic, etc. that you had in previous life form will be yours for the taking.  Bodies are never alive, until a soul is set into it.  Souls are immortal.  Your soul has seen many bodies and it is now time to know what your journey has entailed!