SEX WITH A NEPHILIM,former ebay auction
SEX WITH A NEPHILIM,former ebay auction
SEX WITH A NEPHILIM,former ebay auction

SEX WITH A NEPHILIM,former ebay auction

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And it came to pass,
When the Earthlings began to increase in
number upon the face of the Earth,
and daughters were born unto them,
that the sons of the Elohim (aka God)
saw the daughters of the Earthlings,
that they were compatible.
And they took unto themselves
wives of whichever they chose.  

It was a day that started such as any would start.  I woke up and made my coffee, not really thinking that today would be much different than any other day.  I put my clothing on as I normally would, but thinking back to the actions of the day I can specifically say that the irregularity started at that precise moment.  I slipped into some sweatpants and checked myself out in the mirror as I normally would.

Today would be different though.  I threw my sweatpants to the side and opted for a pair of jeans that specifically accented the voluptuous curves in my ass.  They were my favorite pair of jeans and the fit just perfect... filled out every nook and cranny.  I opted for a low cut shirt that revealed just the right amount of cleavage and finished my look off with a smoky eye, light blush, and candy apple red lipstick.  I was feeling sexy but had no idea as to why or how.  Previously, I thought I had just been in that type of mood.  Read on.  


I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, on my way to work.  As I was driving I noticed that my eyes began to feel really heavy, which is really abnormal for me, considering that I'm usually bright and chipper in the morning.  I began to feel an ambiance that I wasn't quite used to.  I wasn't really sure what was going, but then I remembered the item that Deedee had given me the night before.  She hadn't really elaborated more than to say that there was a sex spirit attached to it.  I didn't know it at the time, but this piece is what started the whole experience.  

As I was driving up the road in my car, I began to feel and electric energy in the air.  I can't really describe what the feeling was.  All I know is that it was an exciting feeling that really got the blood pumping-- almost like the nervous rush you get when you're going down the other side of the roller coaster.  Subconsciously, I reached for my purse and my hand seemed to know exactly what to reach for.  It came out of my bag with a handful of things, among them was this item!  

One by one the other objects began to fall out of my hands as I weeded out the source of the energy.  It was almost overbearing and at this point in time, I knew that I wasn't in full control of my body-- rather it was some other celestial being.  I say celestial being, because you can tell right away the spirit attached to this piece isn't a normal sex spirit.  

I struggled to shove the piece as close to my body as I could.  I began to feel a tingling sensation in my lady parts that quickly grew into a fire below.  It was a raging to desire for carnal pleasure.  I continued to rub the piece all over my body as I drove up the road, paying special attention to my nipples and my naval.  As I let the energyrush through my body, the spirit that had overtaken my body safely guided my car down a dirt lane off the main road, where I put the car in park and half stumbled out of my car in an almost drunken, hazy state of pleasure.  

I lay there in a meadow, with flowers and blades of green grass shooting up around me.  The energy in the piece was multiplying and my legs began to twitch and shiver.  I drew short, deep breaths and began to sigh and moan a little bit as the energy flowed through my very veins.  I don't know how to explain what happened next, other thaneverything disappeared and I wasn't surrounded by complete white light... nothing more, nothing less.  I can only think that this must have been my true spiritualexistence.  I was devoid of any clothing and my body existed as a perfect entity, with out a mark or blemish.  

In front of me was a man about 7 feet tall.  He had a deep bronze complexion and his eyes were icy blue.  His hair flowed to about the middle of his back and from head to toe, I couldn't see a thing wrong with his body.  His chest and abs were chiseled, as if he was made of out marble.  I couldn't help but take a few steps closer and run my fingers along the concept of his biceps, thinking to myself that they must the size of a large cantelope.  Massive, but proportionate to his massive body.  

His very being entranced me.  I could feel his eyes blazing into my soul, as the locked our gaze locked on one another.  I wrapped my arms around his perfectly broad shoulders and I could feel his body move as he lowered his head and our lips met in what felt like a blaze of ecstasy.  I have never felt something so mind-boggling in my life and it was just the beginning. 

As our lips locked, I felt his hands trace the contours of my round behind.  His hands found the cusp of my butt cheeks, as he cupped them both with either one of  his hands.  I could feel his penis erect and hard as a rock as he lift me up and slid my body to his midsection.  It traced a line up my inner thigh as I wrapped my legs aroundhis "8-pack" solid abs.  My "lady parts" must have been swollen to the max-- filled with the utmost sexual electricity I have ever felt.  He slid me back down, except this time I didn't reach  didn't reach the floor-- or whatever the surface was I standing on before was.  

As he slid me down, he filled me-- almost as if it was the perfect match.  I felt an eruption like a volcano and was filled with a blinding and passionate sexual fury.  I wanted to be had- like a wild animal in the wilderness.  My back arched and my legs trembled.  He continued to slide me up and down, his perfectly erect penis filling my void perfectly.  I could feel him pulsating and radiating sexual energy, not just within my body, but deep within my spiritual core.  My back continued to arch and I could feel his warm lips on my neck, kissing me gently.  Then, he moved on my breasts, suckling them gently. 

Somewhere from deep within me, I felt the river begin to flow, as he laid me down.  I could feel each and every pump.  His skin slid over mine.  I could feel the friction as my breathing became uncontrollable.  I closed my eyes and threw my head back, as I was rushed into oblivio
n.  He continued to penetrate and pulsate, holding me tightly against his body.  My world began to spin and my body began to quiver.  My core being felt so good, that at this point, ecstasy was an understatement.  The pleasure became so inherent that I was transformed back to my original form and melted with the sex spirit and we became one entity.  As I experience the most mind-blowing, tantalizing orgasm that I ever experience, I got to feel the pleasure of sex while existing purely in the form of a white-light demi-god.  It was-- for lack of another term-- incredible.  

When I was finally able to control my body again and I was done writhing and squirming with pleasure and splendor, I opened my eyes.  I was once again in a meadow with green grass and flowers.  The item was laying on my chest and I could feel it's cool touch against my skin.  I got up quickly, made sure no-one was watching and made my way to work.

That was my first expereirience with the Nephilim; but, It wasn't my last, as we had to work very diligently to test this item. I didn't mind, either.  In fact, I looked forward to each new experience I was able to have with the Nephilim that inhabits this item. He took me to new sexual extremities and fortes each time.  

This item holds the most invigorating sex spirit I have ever encountered.  It is in the form of one of the Nephilim, a direct descendent of the Watchers and the daughters of man. He contains the same sex powers that the Watchers used to seduce the "daughters of men"" and spawn a very powerful breed of offspring.  I can imagine that after a while this power was no longer a seduction implement as much as it was a guilty pleasure for the mortals. You can now own this guilty pleasure. This is a piece that you WANT in your collection. You do NOT want to live without it!  

This  one is called Eliazor