Reptilian Eye of Lucifer,the stone of his heart
Reptilian Eye of Lucifer,the stone of his heart
Reptilian Eye of Lucifer,the stone of his heart

Reptilian Eye of Lucifer,the stone of his heart

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Reptilian Eye of Lucifer<br /><br />

This piece is laden with a power that is the strongest power of its kind that I have ever come across while working with Haunted Curiosities.  It is called the Reptilian Eye of Satan; however, contrary to its name it holds no dark powers at all.  All the powers of Satan have been reverted to white powers for this piece.  It has quite a history on it, so pay close attention to the detail. <br /><br />

To begin with, in English there is a certain association with Lucifer and the Devil or Satan.  Lucifer actually means "light bearer" and at one point in time Lucifer was God's right hand man; he was the most powerful angel in Heaven and held dominion over all the rest.  He wasn't Satan, or "the Devil" until he became greedy for God's power, started a revolt to takeover Heaven, and was cast out by God.  He was the original fallen angel and was cast into a realm that God created called Hell.  Here he gained very dark powers, trying to come between God and the one thing God loved more than anything-- us, his creation.<br /><br />

This ring holds ALL of the powers of Satan and his secrets.  One of these secrets is the Fountain of Youth, which has been kept in Southern Florida.  "Fountain of Youth" is actually a code name derived by the ancient Illuminati to refer to a place in Florida that is a sanctuary for post-apocalyptic times of nuclear war and the destruction of all governments and religions of the world.  This secret was given to the Illuminati by Lucifer, to bolster their plan to take over the world by starting massive nuclear wars, sitting back in the paradises such as the "Fountain of Youth" and establishing a one world government ruled by the higher ups in the Illuminati.  With this ring you will be given the same knowledge as the Illuminati, dealing with post-Apocalyptic revelations.  They are secrets not even mentioned in the Bible thanks to the Council of Trent (which, might I add was also under Illuminati influence).<br /><br />

While we're on the subject of Illuminati, let me tell you another secret this piece will manifest to you.  It will manifest the fact that the Illuminati is alive and well, living out its clandestine endeavors via current President, Barack Obama.  Barack Obama, who has already been accused of being the Anti-Christ has a secret code word, derived by the Secret Service (SS, anyone?).  It is "Beast".  Yes, "Beast" folks-- his secret code word is "Beast."  Now, I will allow you all to draw your own conclusions.  If you want the truth behind Barack Obama and his code word, "Beast," the knowledge of all of it is in this piece.  With the power and knowledge of Lucifer will open your mind and "bear a light" on your mind.  This will allow you to see the world for what it is... a place overrun by secret societies and agencies that are controlling the minds of humans.  They are bringing on the wrath of God and the Apocalypse.  They do not care, because in some respects they think they are above God.  They are amassing resources, which will eventually be used in the final show down of good versus evil.<br /><br />

Until then, there is this item to give you the answers and all the questions you have.  It is a beautifully decorated ring size 10 1/2 or 11, with real diamonds and a stone that resembles blue topaz set in 14k gold!!  The ring is not only extremely powerful, but very exquisite and pleasing to they eye!!  The diamond on the top of the ring represents Lucifer in his splendor at the right side of God.  It will give you all his power and knowledge as such.  The diamond on the bottom represents the fall of Lucifer and will give you all the knowledge of the dark secrets that he holds in the pits of Hell, where he was sentenced to exist for eternity.<br /><br /> 

The stone represents the seed that Lucifer, as Satan, has planted in man.  It is knowledge that God does not want us to have and is too complicated for the human mind to comprehend without the powers in this ring.  It involves destiny and all God's plan for man, including the beginning, what was before the beginning, what is currently going on, what has gone on in the past up until now, the future, and the end of all time.  The darkness of Satan's secrets have been polished with a white light power that has converted his powers to "Earthly Powers" which are neutral powers with a divine influence from God.<br /><br /> 

This ring brings powers to mimic the raising of the Dead, because we all know Jesus is the only one who holds the TRUE power.  It holds the powers of full telepathic and psychic ability.  You will gain full powers of hypnosis that will allow you full control and guidance of other people's minds.  You can use other people's body as a vessel for a variety of things, including remote viewing, espionage, and sex.  This power will allow you to bang whomever you choose without them ever knowing.  I mean, they can know if you want them too, but they definitely don't HAVE too.  Controlling their mind will make them want you beyond their control, which means you will have them for yours.<br /><br /> 

Finally, this piece brings extreme wealth.  They say that money is the root of all evil.  Well, this piece attracts money and wealth like poop attracts flies.  There's a twist though.  Since this piece has been divined, the money is not evil and you will not suffer any setbacks whatsoever because of it. <br /><br />

Like I said, this is the most powerful piece of its kind that I have EVER experienced.  Its relevance traces back to before mankind and extends beyond it.  It is the only one that we have.  It was supposed to go to Barack Obama to help him along in his attempt to rule the world; but this is not his destiny yet.  Instead, the piece came to us.  We are good like that and I will not tell you how I got this piece.  The important thing is that the piece is ours.  Now it can be yours.  If you feel attracted to this piece, it's destiny, which means you should not click away from it.  Make it yours today, because this piece will manifest many powers to you to fulfill your own destiny. <br /><br />


This is a very special sterling ring with a real amethyst and very ornate band. This is just like the original listing except that this piece used to sit where his heart used to be,not the band but the actual stone. This is one of a kind and we used it only to see if there was a chance of Lucifer returnig to God. That has been lost. The ring however is super,super,super powerful!