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To preface this piece, I will begin with a little history lesson.  The Pueblo people occupied the area of the United States since as early as the 1500 BC. For the most part they were a peaceful nation, pretty much staying to themselves and taking care of what they had to take care of.  They built ancient settlements that were built from adobe, closer to the ground than what they are famously known for.  Over time, the displacement of their people shifted and the wound up closer to the Grand Canyon, building cities that were carved into the canyon.  These cities are so high up that simply looking at them would seem as though this feat was impossible.  This is the same thing people have said about the Pyramids, yet somehow both of these got done.
Even more similar to the Egyptians, the Pueblo people were also ancient star gazers.  It's how they told time and season.  Unknown to the common eye, this is also how they gain their magic.  They also had a fixation with the Constellation called Orion, more specifically his belt.  These three stars have been known for centuries by those in tune with star cycles, to the be gates to alternative dimensions.  They don't just open up to three different dimensions, either.  Depending on where they are in the night sky, in coordination with the Season and where the constellation exists among the cosmos played a huge factor.  There are millions of possibilities and millions of realms that can be visited simply by garnering the power of this constellation.
The Anasazi are an ancient people that were written about in the history of the Pueblo people.  It has so far been understood to simply refer to their mortal ancestors, when in fact this terminology refers to an ancient race that has repeated visited the Pueblos.  They come to them because they realize that these natives are in tune with nature and the zodiac.  They know they are smart enough to comprehend what is going on, so they will not freak out if they hold a visit with them.  This has been going on since ancient times, and it is the Anasazi who are responsible for bringing the Pueblo people the ability to build their ancient architecture in the side of the canyon.
These ancient, extra-terrestrial visitors hold gatherings with the remaining Pueblos even to this day.  This why the Arizona area is such a hotbed for Ufology and alien activity.  Despite the fact that the Europeans show up in what is now America and slaughtered and genocided the natives, the Pueblo people have managed to keep their traditions intact.  Their residence in the Canyon has long been abandoned, but we have managed to recover this piece from the area during an investigation of lights that were appearing in the sky.  Now, we don't know how old this piece is, but judging from the looks of it, there's no way it is as old as the elder of the Pueblos tribes.  This leads us to conclude that the Natives are still holding their secret meetings and rituals with the Anasazi in their original sacred spots that they used hundreds of years ago.  
Upon testing the piece we realized that it was a key.  You will wear the item on a chain around your neck, the way any normal necklace would be worn.  This will allow the crystal to soak up all of the energy that you body emits.  This energy is what will activate the piece.  Then, you want to lay down flat.  Put the key on your forehead  where you third eye chakra would be located and close your eyes.  You will feel a tingling sensations, but do not be alarmed.  This is the key opening your third eye.  At this, you will be astrally pull from your body and taken through the star gates of Orion.  This will open up what are known as the Crystal Dimensions.  These dimensions are ones of power and magic.  Each crystal dimension holds a different power or knowledge form.  You can use your crystal to soak up this power, just like it soaked up your energy.  Then, when you return to the mortal realm, you will be able to use this power.  There is a Crystal dimension for every power form that you could possibly think of.  That's because these dimensions are mere memories of powers past.  They have been preserved in Crystal form and each placed into their own realm. 
There is no limit to the amount of power that your crystal can soak up.  There are no limits to the amount of crystal dimensions that you visit with your key.  However, you may only accrue one power per visit to the Crystal Dimensions.  This is why we made sure that your use of this piece is unlimited, which it is.  It will allow you to build up your own arsenal of magical powers.  All you have to do is search among the Crystal Dimensions for the right one, enter it, and soak up the power.  Singing "I've Got the Power" at the top of your lungs is optional, but during the testing of this piece, we found out that it is really fun.  But again, not necessary.  Enjoy.