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Curse Tablet Maker --- GOLD-

The incredible affiliation of the paranormal began in ancient times when the abilities of spells resided across the land. The most powerful and knowledgeable were not the witches, or even sorcerers, but rather the tablet makers!

The curse tablets were thin sheets of soft lead that had curse written on them. The curses were then affixed by nails to the altars or walls of temples. The curse writer would sit all day and listen to the complaints and woes of their customers who needed curses written.

Many of the curse tablets have survived to modern times and so we can learn and understand the Romans' life and their way of thinking.

We have compiled several curse tablets and use their vindication to implode items with power. When you order you will have to choose one of the curse types and you will receive a piece that has been specially infused for you!

We have curses that: limit life, discourage and cause harm, help you gain spiritual, emotional, financial and spiritual health, and protect you from other curses that could be issued as a hex on your life!

These exquisite ritual curses are extremely powerful and once ritualized with force into an item will bond through energy to the person who adorns the piece --- they are amazing.

An example of what is written on one of our curse tablets is: "bind every limb and sinew of Vistorius, the cahrioterr for the Blue team...the horses he is about to race.. blind their eyes so they cannot see and twist their soul and heart so they cannot breathe."

[This curse must be used in a ritual and in conjunction with a variety of sacred component ingredients to ensure complete transition of transitional spell bonding to a vessel]