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I was testing this piece and I began to float out of my physical body. It was not voluntary; I was not attempting any mental feats. It was not during sleep, so I couldn't dismiss it as simply a dream.

I had full, conscious awareness of what was happening, which of course only made it worse. I assumed it was some sort of hallucination caused by something dangerous - a brain tumor, or impending mental illness, or imminent death.

This occurred when I would lie down or relax for rest or preparatory to sleep - not every time but several times weekly. I would float up a few feet above my body before I became aware of what was happening. Terrified, I would struggle through the air and back into my physical body. Try as I might, I could not prevent it from recurring.

The ailments were impeding through the source of the ring... it was trying to showcase powers to me -- forces from beyond, and I was scared. After telling Deedee about what was going on, as I never experienced out of body experiences this way... she said to not fight it and I was levitated into the outer aspects of Heaven.

Once there I was able to depart the front of the human conscious mind that is imperable in learning, leading and advancing in glory.

I saw amazing things that you have to experience in order to believe~!

To utilize this piece you will place it on and then:

Lie down in a darkened room in a relaxing position
Loosen your clothing and remove all other jewelry, except for this item
Enter into a very relaxing state and consciously tell yourself that you will remember everything that happens at this time
Begin breathing through your half-open mouth
Concentrate on an object
When other images start to enter your mind, passively watch them
Try to clear your mind and observe your field of vision through your closed eyes
Do nothing more for a while
Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you
After a while, you may notice light patterns
When these cease, a state of such relaxation will happen that you lose all awareness of the body
You are almost in the state where your only source of stimulation will be your own thoughts --It is this relaxed and refreshed condition where out-of-body journeys are triggered

To leave your body, think of yourself getting lighter and of how nice it would be to float upwards.... now you will impede the experience that I had which is where you will travel beyond your physical body and radiate the fascinating elements of Heaven.

~ To go back into your body you will simply need to close your third eye and allow yourself to be released back into your physical body.