Cella Identifier, AUGUST SALE

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We are all familiar with the fact that we are made of cells, but have you ever been told about your cella?

The cella is your inner drive that puts out your charisma upon the world.

This is something many do not know about, your inner drive that sometimes needs to be "re-booted"!

There are factors that surround us daily that can dismiss our internal hard drive... thus masking our true personality, desires and concepts of thoughts.

With you from birth, the cella inspires all the attributes of your being from within.

This is the channel that splits the process of reality versus your subconscious mindset.

Many people have lost the accessibility and use of their cella due to the collection of unwanted elements of energies in the world.

With this item you will be able to erupt the facets of the components that have been collected and bring out the interjection to bring a revival to your cella... this will change your life~

This is a fully adjustalbe ring, although I wouldn't bend it too far, because it might break.  Without stretching, it's like a 6.  You can always use it as a pendant, as is the case with 99% of the rings we sell.  Enjoy!