Key to the Spirits of Success, AUGUST SALE

Key to the Spirits of Success, AUGUST SALE

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This piece was brought to life from a shrew in Bursary. She had been working with aspects of nature and ritual spells for centuries, as she wanted to learn majestic ways to alleviate ailments of the body.

Her inflictions of the generative state began to erupt with forces of energies from the impalements of humans who would be moving on to their afterlife.

There is a burst of energy that ignites as they cross the border between life and death. The shrew realized this amazing concept and was able to implore it into her magic.

This piece holds an Anchara that connects with you and imparts the relinquished energy of the spirits to instill you with strength, calmness and prosperity!

Many people are unsuccessful in life because they are so busy worrying about things that they are unable to live life the way it was designed.

Stress and strain are fractured ailments that bestow negative contexts upon humans. These feelings often hinder the alliance of the mind, body and soul and cause friction, which in turn does not allow for achievement!

The Anchara energy of this item will bring you the elements to be strong, remain calm and gain aspects of blessings and growth as you continue on in life.

No longer will you have to worry about being stressed out and using up your energy being mad, upset or angry over ridiculous things~!

This is the key to success for any and all.