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I'm just going to start out by saying that this piece is outrageous.  It literally defies the odds of everything that you've ever known to be safe and ordinary.  However, we live in a world that is constantly evolving.  For better or worse, the world is run by a group of elite super powers; and I'm not talking about the super powers as far as nations.  I'm talking about people like the Rockefeller's, the Vanderbilt's, the Bilderberg Group, and even modern day descendants of the Ming dynasty.  They are the bold and robust leaders of the Illuminati and the New World Order, who meet secretly to practice their black rituals and to monitor the world's power and money.  The objective is for them to maintain complete control of the world and all the resources that it has to offer.  

Recently, it seems as though they have set their sights on higher aspirations.  By high aspirations, I meant inter-stellar aspirations that no longer include world domination tactics.  Instead, it seems that this group of elite people have set their sights on something a bit more grandiose. For about the last five years this group has been meeting in huge submarines bi-monthly.  The group was once exposed back in the 70s when a show called the "Alternative 3" was aired by Anglia Television.  Nobody believed.  They though the media was pulling on the heart strings of humanity by jumping on the space-race bandwagon to gain ratings.  However, we should have listened then.  I fear now it might be a little to late.

The fact of the matter is that the world government came up with three alternatives to help solve the growing population problem, and to fix the inevitably coming cataclysms of the world.  The first alternative was to blast two holes in the ozone layer, allowing UV light to be exposed in pure form on the face of the earth.  This would kill millions of Americans via skin cancer, virtually eliminate pollution,  and the ozone would eventually replete itself, during which the elite could resurface from their submarines under the polar ice caps. 

The second alternative was to begin constructing underground cities for only the social elite, the ones who had garnered all the magic and powers from the Illuminati.  Every resource of the world would be sourced to the building of these massive subterranean cities and the normal caucus would be left on the surface to perish.  The third alternative, inevitably the one that was chosen, was to construct spaceship and transport these same elite members of the NWO to the moon and neighboring, similarly terraformed planet, Mars.  

Now, back to the submarine meetings.  These meetings have never been as frequent as they have been in the last five years.  A joint gathering of these elite including both Russian and American, the biggest two players in the space-race, assembles in these submarine meetings that take place under the polar ice caps as to never be revealed to the public.  So, when I say that this item is extremely rare, I mean it simply because nobody else has been able to find out about these secret meetings.  In fact, we probably would even know about them it it weren't for the alien form that visited us, pleading to us to get the information out.  

It seems as though, the construction of civilization on other planets has been going on for these last five years and probably even further back than that.  The happenings were concluded by the alien life form that came to us were as follows.  This re-established world order has been staging wars between countries, causing famines and cataclysms, economic hardships, and daily struggles as a means to keep the eyes of the average person from wandering too far off of the daily agenda.  People have been getting caught up in ways to try to fix problems here on Earth when the group has been keeping their eyes on the prize.  The prize? There are a network of subterranean cities that exist, as well as base stations, capital buildings, and underground inverted skyscrapers that the NWO has been constructing on moon.  They have perfected their art of inter-planetary space travel and communication.  To build their confines, the NWO has been using a combination of slaves. This caucus consists of two types of beings.  The first part of the group consists of those humans that nobody would miss including homeless and jailed prisoners.  Why do you think euthanization has become so popular?  These prisoners never die, they are in a deep induced coma until they are taken to the moon and awaken as prisoners of the elite.  

The second part of the group that has been snatched in the inter-galactic slave trade are groups of rogue extra-terrestrials, meaning that fledgling alien civilizations that are first starting out the same way we did at the beginning out our existence.  They have been captured, forced to use their many skills and forms of exotic technology to assist in the construction of the civilization on the moon.  It is one of these alien forms that visited us.  When it first showed up I didn't really know what to think.  He showed up like a giant amoeba.  However, I didn't realize that he could assume pretty much any form he wanted.  When he shifted into a human, he was able to talk and understand as we do.  This is when he told me his story, that I have just conveyed to you.  

At first, I didn't know what to believe.  I mean, here's this anamorphic form that comes to me and begins to tell me what I need to believe about the world.  Then, he gave me this piece.  This piece contains strains of Illuminati DNA that will transform your DNA into that of theNWO/Illuminati super race that have been transported to the moon.  Here, the openly practice their magic, in dual form.  It doesn't stop here, as this piece takes you into a reconstructed, virtual reality that has been created as a mind map of a strategic planning guide and blue print that theNWO are working on.   It seems that rather than try to conquer the terrain of Mars, the group has been working diligently on a gigantic space station that puts the size of Jupiter to shame.  Their plane is to destroy the Moon, Earth, and Mars to make room for the space station that will combine the orbit of both planets around the sun,  It's like a real life Elysium... if you don't know what I'm talking about, google it.  As a means to survive, they race will harvest natural gas that exist in rife amounts on neighboring planet Jupiter.  I'm telling you, these people think they have it all figured out.  Now, I guess it's sit back and wait for the demise of human kind, which the NWOis so aptly planning by creating and wreaking havoc on Earth.  Blacks are fighting whites.  Straights are fighting whites.  Muslims are fighting Christians.  The US is fighting Russia.  Iran to trying to fight everyone.  

People!!  Wake up!!  It's time to realize that George Orwell's book 1984 wasn't just a book.  It was a prophecy.  The world is at a fake war with itself.  People are getting watched and snatched up by Big Brother.  Nobody can think for themselves, let alone make decisions or speak out against the machine.  They've all been taught to fall in line.  Meanwhile, the NWO sits back and smiles, because they know that it's all part of their grand scheme.  It's time to live above the influence.  How?  With this piece that was given to me by the alien form.  Actually, I have more than one.  I have a few of them.  We our keeping one for ourselves, because we don't want to be without one.  The rest we are offering here. You don't want to be caught without item.  I assure you.  

This item not only gives you the super intelligence of the elite Illuminati race that exists on the subterranean levels of the moon, but it gives you the holographic recreation of the giant space center that is being planned out by the group of elitists for the elitists.  You will be able to walk through this gigantic, terraforma, space-station as if it already actually exists, to see what it will look like and to experience the magic that it will contain.  Additionally, this piece will allow you to experience telepathic space travel, which is what the people that are part of the NWO elite use.  They hardly ever travel physically anymore.  Rather they travel telepathically, which is ten time faster that the speed of light, because all you have to do is think of a place and you will be transported their in soul form.  Sounds riveting right?  It gets better.  This piece will open up your perception to a power called Extra-empathic perception, meaning no longer will you have to communicate with words.  Rather, when it comes to extraterrestrial life forms and even the NWOelite, you will communicate with though-forms that you will beam directly into the minds of others. You will receive these thought forms the same way you send them.  It's an ultra psychic awakening, if you ask me.   

Will the NWO Elite's plan go through as planned?  Who knows?  If people don't wake up and start realizing as of right now, then yes... it will happen because there will be no obstacle standing in there way.  If we wise up, then maybe we can make a change.  As of right now, destiny has not been fully determined.  That is why you need to have these powers, so that way you are on par with the adversary and you don't allow them to become to far advanced.  This alien form that brought us these pieces was just lucky enough to escape when these elitist weren't paying attention.  We can get more pieces if need be.  Your job is to not only acquire this piece, but to spread the awareness.  The cost of the piece is because acquiring these pieces is very costly on our part, so we need to be able to maintain cash flow.  If we go broke there will be no more pieces.  Do your part in the race against time.  Get this piece. It gives you amazing powers and it prepares you.


 This is sterling silver and crystal.