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I want to see more in the eyes of the pitiless youth the gleam of pride and independence of the beast of prey. Hitler.

Hitler had a thing for werewolves even demanding that his sister change her name to Frau Wolf and he was often called Herr Wolf. Hitler was very interested in the old legends of Wodan and the wild hunts where people hid indoors during these hunts and he and his men would rip apart what they hunted. The hunt was done in a way as if they were ripped apart with claws.

Hitler also was interested in the German resistance movement during 1813, also called the Wild hunt. It is also interesting to note that. Hitler's name Adolfo also means noble wolf.

In 1923 a secret terrorist organization was formed by a man named Fritz Kappe who's flag was of a skull and cross bones on a white back ground, just like a pirates flag that in reality never existed for pirates. This organization just like the Wild Hunt group of 1813 had captured Hitler's interest.

Now where does the occult come into this? As most of you already know Hitler was BIG into the supernatural and the occult. When Hitler made the comment about the German youth he also said that he wanted to take away the domestication of the human mind and turn them back into hunters. This is why he was not happy with the look that remained in their eyes. This was the start of the hybrid experimentation.

The hybrid dark underground is what it should have been called. It began with taking some of the Hitler youth into his secret detention center located in France called Wolfsschlucht or Wolf's Gulch. This is where the torture to diminish the human mind of the youth began. How was this done and what was the ultimate goal?

The Hitler youth had to volunteer for the top secret program not knowing once they were in, like the song Welcome To The Hotel California, they would never get out the same way they came in. It would begin with simple images of death, bodies in various stages of decay and move on to torturous images of slashes on the flesh with maggots doing their best to destroy evidence. The images would move on to live " showings" of in your face torture, desensitizing the once young minds who were filled with pride of state. This was only but the beginning.

When not looking at the physical torture and the degradation of other human beings they were taught or rather mentally broke down and yet made to feel superior to others. A blood bath ensued, sort of. In reality a blood check was drawn  and all the results came back that these youth were " different" therefore they were superior and destined to become real unfeeling werewolves. Hitler knew that no matter what humans will still hold onto emotions, the soul is built in from God. So Hitler had to remove it, this was why all the torture. Just to clarify the blood test was only used as a psychological maneuver.

Now that these youth were brainwashed and rewired Hitler still had to figure out how do you know convert into a true werewolf. This is where the supernatural came in.

Hitler worked with a demon in the flesh better known as Himmler. Going into why Himmler was a demon or how he became one is for another time. To give you a quick idea he went through a transformation with a dark entity who changed him when his interest in the occult grew. Just as you can go through a transformation for angelic or vampirism so can you do a demon. Not my thing but obviously his. It was Himmler who placed the final touch on the Hitler Youth.

The psychological and mind training aspect was done but a physical transformation was still needed and that is where Himmler came in.  The youth were ready and willing for the transformation because the mind work had already taken place so they all went willingly.  These were now the elite, the Wodan come to life in full physical werewolf form. They were able to change as they saw fit. They held no remorse and no guilt, no domestication as humans even in human form.

The piece your looking at is the last remaining werewolf transformation piece. There is no other.This is sterling silver and NOT a reproduction!